Thursday, January 17, 2008

Outfits That Do Fit

When in high school I was very into making my own clothes. Sewing - think Alaïa inspired jersey dresses and skirts, powersuits made out of old curtains (yes!), flower power or tartan trousers - knitting, crocheting. Oh I too did buy a bit of the "must-haves-fashion-brands" back then too, couldn't help but being a tiny bit influenced by the trends in that posh sort of high school.

But most of all I've always been a mix-n-match-kind-of-gal. I rummaged through both my dad's, mum's and my grandmother's closets for interesting clothes and accessories. Both for economical as well as personal reasons, I mean, can you think of anything more utterly boring than always buying a complete outfit kit at a high street store near you...? Which, imho, is pretty much the typical-Swedish-way when it comes to clothes and dressing (not the kind you sprinkle on your salad).

The H&M/Filippa K-syndrome I think someone once called it, named after the most prominent Swedish high street store and one Swedish clothes' designer. A designer that perhaps uses nice materials, and sometimes designs pieces I too find appealing, but in general makes very bland and unoriginal clothes. Clothes for people who just want to blend in, being one in the grey populace.

I think that benaming was bull's eye. Unfortunately Swedes in general seem to be *very* inclined to wearing clothes that *everyone else* is wearing, walking the streets of Stockholm there aren't many people dressing beyond the templates. Oh it doesn't matter if the pieces suit or flatter your body type or not, wear it anyway, blend in.

And if you reach a certain stage in life, especially for women, it's borderline capital punishment if you don't dress in a certain *required* uniform according to age. With slight variations depending on which circles and social class you "belong" to.

Needless to say I have never been, and most probably never will be, very interested in fitting into any templates. Clothes- or otherwise. I've gone through my fair share of different styles of clothes over the years, some very less than flattering in hindsight. I have bought way too much clothes over time - yes imagine I actually admit to that! I have cleaned out my closets on several occasions - and thereby hopefully made a whole lot of people happy on the other side of the world. Mustn't forget; and fueling the Swedish economy.

But I've matured - and not like old cheese, thank you very much - and I think I know now, what kind of clothes I both like and at the same time flatters me. That accentuate what's worth accentuating, and hopefully hides what's best left hidden. The kind of clothes that scream "buy me!" buy me!" when I walk by or step inside a certain shop. And mind you, very rarely a high street one...

There are clothes I'd very much like to wear, but I just know they don't fit my body type, I never bother looking at them, anymore. I simply shy away from those departments, those aisles. I've come to terms with that. And there really are so many gorgeous clothes out there that tempt me into trying them on, perhaps even investing a few crowns in them. Clothes that can actually lift my spirit on a particularly gloomy day. Clothes that make me happy. Comfortable garments that comfort. Outfits that fit.

And to round things off, I've said it before and I say it again, I think the Danish designers approach to fashion in general is the most appealing there is. The playfulness, the ingeniousness, the details, the materials, the colours, the celebration of individuality, that certain kind of oompf makes Copenhagen the outstanding best place for inspirational, fun and personal clothes and accessories shopping, all price classes.

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stromsjo said...

What's wrong with old cheese? ;) Eloquently written, as always!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Per!

And well, I've never been very fond of old, mouldy cheese, but hey, to each his/her own...;)

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