Friday, January 04, 2008

2007 - A Picture Per Month

070126 005

JANUARY - this was Stockholm in winter shroud a year ago. How time flies... And how similar the weather was then compared to this now moment in time. But above all, as pretty then as it is now
Sydafrika 2007 058

FEBRUARY - was the month of one of my most amazing experience ever, so far, the South African one. On the beach in Kenton on Sea - bliss! And yes, one of these days I will continue writing about the days in Cape Town too...

070307 005

MARCH - I discovered the joys of Kusmi tea - and it was comforting in troublesome times...

070416 033

APRIL - pink cherry blossoms in Kungsträdgården, that makes my heart go all ditty! And now it's only three months away...

070520 011

MAY - the darling buds of May gave me one of many perfect moments in the year 2007. This was at the gardens of Svindersvik

070616 117

JUNE - I befriended my favourite cookbook, and the culinary delights from that has since brought countless tears of savoury joy into the eyes of dinner guests at my humble casa

070712 003

JULY - in the rain I met a strawberry little, and I have been wondering ever since, what happened to that little one after I left...

070804 094

AUGUST - was in so many more or less describable ways a perfect month, but if I have to chose one picture - and I do - it'll be of beautiful Scanian windmills

070920 076

SEPTEMBER - showed such a lovely side, and made for ample excursions in and around Stockholm. Simply a perfect ending to an amazing summer!

071006 015

OCTOBER - gets two pictures, since it was the month of major compact living as well as my birthday trip to Amsterdam

071028 002

071116 017

NOVEMBER - there was just a whole lot of cats and mittens going on

071215 031

DECEMBER - was a month of endings, new beginnings and spreading of Christmas joy

The events pictured in these photos are by no means the most important ones through my year 2007 - they're just a picture, a symbol, from January to December. If you happen to actually be interested in excerpts and words from my 2007-life, I suggest you have a look in the archives.


Poppy Q said...

That was a nice look around at your year Pia. Your photography is stunning.

I love the cats and mittens. How pretty Sweden is too!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

My husband's job as the potential to send us very far off in the world. Every time I see your photos I say to him "Well, I hope we get to go to Sweden someday. Pia's photos make everything look beautiful."

Hope I get there...and Happy New Year

Pia K said...

Thanks, poppy q, and the same to you!

Oh, I think you'd like it here, heather, I suspect no place is perfect in everyway all the time, but I must admit that there isn't a day gone by I don't feel grateful for living exactly where I do. Even though the travelbug bites on a regular basis still and probably always will:)

And happy new year to you too!

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