Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Day of Pale Winter Sun

When you get gloomy and grumpy enough due to the lack of sun, you - read I - don't really demand much to get very pleased and *almost* cheerful again. Like a very pale, almost invisible winter sun that more than untangle the drab knot of slight despair embedded inside. And somehow, with such a mood lifter also comes small details here and there that, yet again, makes for rather a perfect day.

The details in themselves are probably not very interesting for anyone but me, let's just say that sometimes I'm a mite amazed by how well things have a tendency to work themselves out with much less effort from undersigned than expected. The coincidences - or not - is simply stunning. I suppose these easy breezy details, episodes, days may spring now and then, and perhaps when we least expect them, just so we can cope with all those moments, encounters, days of our lives that are far from sunlit.

The pale winter sun of today was just like the one in a watercolour I once painted. It's probably difficult to believe if one could see my scarce doodle of today, but in junior high school I adamantly studied art. Not a very skilled artist with the brush and paint though, and I think this watercolour is probably the only thing still worth looking at. And well, the only detail really quite good in the painting is the pale sun. Rising over a misty field. And I'm certain the elves are hiding in the background forest waiting to dance in that misty field.

Yes, that pale sun we saw glimpses of today made even the grim, dreary, grey railroad- and industrial area when approaching the city by train, look quite tempting and enchanting. And if you've seen those areas, you know that is a *very nearly* impossible and therefore a major achievement - so thank you pale winter sun!

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Per Stromsjo said...

It's not pale, it's just being sophisticated you know. Not overwhelming us with unhealthy quantities of light, just a glimpse here and there. And then gone for three days to make sure we really miss it...

John said...

I saw on the news the other night that moderate amounts of sun are thought to be GOOD for you because it helps your body produce Vitamin D.

Have a sunny day Pia!

Pia K said...

Per, ah, sophistication, that's a new way of looking at it, I'm all for it!

John, oh yes, I know, I'm trying to stock up on sunny vitamins whenever I get the opportunity this time of the year, thanks for link!

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