Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not A Strawberry Girl

When I contemplate personal problems I try, when possible, think of things, situations I at least don't have to deal with. The things-could-be-worse-scenario. Both for my own sanity's sake as well as getting a true perspective on life. Especially when it comes to those oh so important, oh so superficial, I-country problems. Here are some vital examples -

Sydafrika feb 2007 212

I don't have to walk miles and miles to reach water. Muddy water at that. My water comes from a tap, close by, both hot and cold. And even if my water heater leaves *a bit* more to be desired, at least I have my own shower, my own bathtub and I don't have to share with an impressive amount of big boned, dirty relatives.

070818 083

I can prepare and eat pretty much what food I like in the vegetarian realm of things, I don't have to wait for leftovers and crumbs from the table of the more fortunate.


My size, height and intellect allow me to open my own doors, climb over most obstacles, do my own deeds not having to be overly dependent and clinging. Although I very much see the virtues of friendship and loving family ties. We all need a helping hand now and then.

070526 109
Most of all though, I'm very grateful for not being a strawberry girl with stick legs who wants to travel the world, see and do things from another point of view, but being stuck with living the limited life of a bookshelf inhabitant with a constant look of surprise on her face; Was this all there was to life?

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