Monday, January 07, 2008

Once There Was Blue Skies

071012 013

Today is the kind of day you really have to remind yourself there is such a thing as a blue sky above - and not just a depressing shade of gloomy grey, that has completely embedded the whole city with outskirts.

I saved these summery pictures for a day like this, a rainy day that wiped almost all the lovely newly fallen snow away. And since this kind of weather also dampens the word(l)y inspiration in me, I only have a few more words to write for now - pretty, crispy, fluffy, white please, come back and stay. And if you'd be so kind as to take the sun with you, I'll love you even more.

070830 004
070830 009
070830 010


Olivia Kroth said...

Hi Pia,
I found here through Paz in New York. I am a writer living in Germany. The world is small, isn't it?
I like your photos of Stockholm, the town looks inviting. I have never been to Sweden yet, one of the countries I still want to see.

Per Stromsjo said...

Well, the average winter in Stockholm lasts roughly 48 hours so the one that just passed by was quite normal. The upside is that we get more than one winter per year.

I fully agree about today being depressingly grey. The clouds hardly managed to hover over the rooftops at all. Again there's an upside. I was working and didn't miss anything!

Pia K said...

Welcome, Olivia, it is indeed a smaller world than one might imagine:)

Oh, I think you'd like it here, not only in Stockholm but the countryside too!

Per, well, I'm not at all certain I agree on that 48 hrs-thing excuse for a winter, but I see your point.

And as for working and not missing a thing, for us weather beldams it doesn't matter if we're indoors, outdoors, working or not, the weather outside affects us anyway. Which cuts both ways I suppose...

John said...

Gosh Pia, every time I look at your blog you have these incredibly beautiful photos of beautiful locations, scrumptous food and adorable kitties...I need to visit where you live!

Pia K said...

When I got back into photographing I also became more aware of all the beauty that surrounds us somehow, and even more aware of the fact that this is indeed a lovely city that offers a plethora of different niceties, the least I can do is try and make it tempting to visit:) Thanks for a sweet comment, John!

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