Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Little Piece of Jewellery Heaven

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I promised to write a bit more about this purple ring I mentioned before. Or rather the brand, which is a Swedish one, namely Yvone Christa. It's quite a few years since I first discovered their jewellery and I think it was in a magazine. And if you can use the words fall in love at first sight with a piece of jewellery or design... - and I'm not really sure I think it's the right choice of word for it, but what the heck, I adore the design and most of the pieces! The silver pieces that is, I'm no fan of gold jewellery, with it's delicate, intricate filigree art work, with an antique finish, and most often with one or more pieces of precious stones and pearls. Simply gorgeous they are!

The two women behind the design first opened up a shop in New York in 1999, where their studio is also located, and in 2000 the shop in Stockholm was opened. For some years a really tiny hole-in-the-wall-kind of shop, though a delightful hole-in-the-wall. Last year they moved next door and now it's more smallish than tiny - and all pink inside! A candy-store for grown ups, since you get all yearningly starry-eyed when you walk past the window and even more so if you dare to step inside...

The prices prevent you from investing there too often I suppose, but when and if, ah, this is jewellery heaven! And they make a darn cute wrapping too, very Love-Actually-style. And such a perfect place to wish for a gift from...

They used to have a decent website some years ago, alas now they don't, just something "under construction" which I think is more than slightly silly for a bunch reasons - but maybe that'll change, so here's the website address

The shops you'll find at Mäster Samuelsgatan 2, Stockholm and 107 Mercer Street, N.Y.

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