Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stockholm A Month Later

I thought I'd give you a photographic update on how the sun also rises and sets on these Nordic latitudes, how it changes ever so slightly every single day and sometimes the changes seem so very sudden, due to overcast one day and clear skies the next.

However, Flickr is apparently having a massage it seems and the accessibility to photos that way is *sort of* limited at the moment. So this post will have to do with words only. Or, wait, I think that massage is actually finished, phew, that saved me from coming up with something clever and witty. Once again, saved by some pictures.


So. Perhaps you remember this place, mid December, just around 3 o'clock in the afternoon? This is what it looked like today, almost exactly a month later. Quite obviously we're heading toward a brighter future. De-lovely. In many ways.



If you're hungry and want to keep this gorgeous view in sight when inside, I suggest you head over to Herman's. A vegetarian restaurant, if my memory serves me right the very first proper vegetarian one in Stockholm, where you can either enjoy their buffet - a bit expensive and uneven in quality, although when good, very, very good... - or just some coffee and cake. Unpretentious place with outdoor area in the summers too.

080113 002


Poppy Q said...

Hi Pia,
I am glad you are getting more sun and the food looks great.

What is it with lurkey turkeys? They should just come out of the woodwork and say hello. I think that maybe they could be all boys in prison who aren't allowed to send messages, or people searching for porn or accidently find our sites by mistake.

Pia K said...

*LOL*, that could definitely be a reason for lurking, I'm so naïve I just hadn't thought about that myself...:)

I know a had a discussion about lurkers somewhere else earlier and then someone came up with one reason being that some of the readers, returning ones, are just so completely intimidated by the wittiness of the blogwriter they lack for words...;) I think I'd like to cling on to that idea for a wee while longer...:)

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