Friday, April 04, 2008

Guys and Dolls

Once again I repeat myself, and I will surely keep on doing it, since it is all in the details I just want to make a regular mention of how different and not very obvious those details can be. Sometimes it's just you yourself who notice them, and by noticing them and your own reactions to them you realise you have changed, grown, possibly become a better person or at least come to terms with your own quirks.

So, the karma vs skirt thing the other day, yet another one of those - remember the giant princess cake as well as the mushroom incident... - clumsy, stupid, embarrassing things I tend to make with a certain irregular regularity. Nowadays I mostly - honestly - look at them as something that spice up the days, or at least I made some people giggle/laugh at least once that day, possibly even make them very grateful for being them and not me, the awkward one.

I feel very smug when I realise I'm so very mature nowadays, how quickly I can cast out those feelings of being completely squelched by those darn embarrassing clumsy moments, those once-upon-a-time-feelings of I-can-never-ever-show-myself-here-again-I'll-be-the-talk-of-Stockholm-town-this-will-be-on-the-national-news-and-my-address-in-the-papers. Family, friends not to mention blogging comes very handy for turning those moments into good stories instead. And for some odd reason, you often find yourself in very good awkward-moments-company... Which is comforting to know.

So. The poor Nice Guy in the seat behind me, he must have had a memory deficit. Since he was even earlier than me in school the next day, didn't seem to suffer from any visible buttshock, and we had a perfectly nice chat and it didn't feel the least bit awkward.

The Annoying Guy was alas even more in his talking element the same day, since the lecturer rather seemed to encourage him instead of run the class there were actually quite an outburst from one of the Good Girls, most of us could probably very much sympathize with her and did so in class or later. But the one causing all this disturbance to begin with - the Annoying Guy who quite obviously thinks this course and these classes are a dialogue between him and the lecturer, held only for his benefit, and not something that involves 25 others - was of course his usual charming self being completely nasty and defensive acting all misunderstood and innocent.

This study in human behaviour that leaves a whole lot more to be desired would of course be quite interesting, if it wasn't for the fact that it really is so very and appallingly annoying. I take comfort in the fact that it makes for very good blog ranting.

One thing that actually talks to the Annoying Guy's advantage (imagine that!) is that his *rather* crude manner and complaints in class, about the very obvious lack of forward planning, face to face with the organizer, seemed to make quite an impression. Well, at least it made the Organizer Guy print a whole lot of auditor copies and run back and forth from his office getting us three new books we should have received a week ago. So, slight silverlining on the Annoying Guy.

The Nice Guy came with us for lunch-at-favourite-place - and go figure, no one seemed butt- shocked-from-previous-day there either... - where we had not only that lovely food but a jazzed up conversation. Though we, the Good Girls, were convinced we could blame Nice Guy's presence for Tanned Musclebound Waiter not bringing us that complimentary espresso we've grown accustomed to. A blatant break of custom and practise.

Apparently the food at favourite-place also feeds ex-supermodels, when ordering lunch I happened to be standing next in line behind Emma Sjöberg - the sporty milk-model notoriously known for her lack of acting skills and bad choices of movies to appear in - and I realised that not only am I taller than her (yeah), that day I happen to look quite a bit healthier (see, being sporty really isn't everything) as well as wearing an outfit much nicer (oh no, I wasn't the one looking like a worn huckle-backed middle aged housewife, not me). Oh, a whole lot of immensely interesting and likable details in one lunch-line.

And today's round-off question is; if you happen to have been completely mesmerized by the tremendously wittiness of this post and read it thoroughly, what is the total of world-turning details in the life of undersigned mentioned in it?

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