Thursday, April 17, 2008

Odd Phoney On A Clowny Mission

Actually, today hasn't been half bad, judging from yesterday and the double-day before that I might have spent it under the duvet, sobbing and cursing. But I really didn't - see, writing, talking and blog venting is good for you! - I actually had a good night's sleep, woke up to a sunny had a course-free day.

A day that offered no very obvious progress in my work in finding The Company for my traineeship - yeah, I know I've chosen small to medium companies that deals in something I'm seriously interested in, that has visions and values (at least on paper) that coincide with my own, companies which policies I can endorse. Very obviously most of them doesn't seem to have an organized section of the company which I'm looking for a traineeship in.

Either it's tiny (bad enough) or non-existing (really bad). They also very obviously need a more organized view of this section, but since I'm not in a position - yet - to explain or sell that notion, but looking for a decent place to have a glimpse of this profession irl I can only say "that was unfortunate, thanks for this conversation" and move on. Not ideal. At all.

Almost everyone I've talked with thinks this is also a really unprofessional way of dealing with this important part of the course, the organizer not having ready apprentice collaboration with well-functioning companies. Instead we having to do this job too ourselves, and being forced to report to the Organizer Guy which really very much lack the skills of a half-decent project manager. The word haphazard somehow seems appropriate here.

But despite me being an odd phoney I've so far called 10 companies offering myself as a free resource for five weeks, gotten a plain no from seven, a maybe from two and not being able to get a hold of the right person to talk to in the last. As I don't consider myself being of a smoothtalking saleperson character all this calling around offering myself as a fine gift is very not-me-at-all. And a lot of good it has done me, not.

M however is very much a salesperson, in many ways, obviously I can approve of him on a personal level, and fine, his professional skills can be nifty at times (like this) but needless to say I rarely find his colleagues very appealing or interesting... But that's a whole other issue of course.

Now perhaps I can find a company through connections, but by no means is that a certain thing and well, I somewhat dread the possible companies and the trade sector they're in. But on the other hand, they might be surprisingly interesting, or at least have a decent place for a free source of competence. It just might even be fun, imagine that!

This sunny day also had me doing a whole lot of thinking and writing in different shapes and forms and as the cherry on the sundae a gift in the shape of a lovely blouse. I know, I'm far from a fan of highstreet fashion and massproduced cheap stuff, but this lurid tribute to Finnish design company Marimekko sort of got me yearning for a blouse or a dress or... Tomorrow I'll be strutting the streets of Stockholm wearing large-patterned hot pink and orange - and no, I most certainly won't look, or feel, like a clown.

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