Thursday, April 24, 2008

There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Pink

080424 005

Perhaps these pink cherry blossoms aren't as impressive as the ones found at Kungsträdgården, but still oh so lovely, situated in a lively part of the city, with a vegetarian restaurant nearby (which I've never tried) plus some bookstores and, well, really a whole range of interesting shops, cafés, cultural institutions not to mention a breathtaking view over a major part of Stockholm nearby. So, if it's not only the size and amount of those pink blossoms that matters, this place is well worth a visit too!

080424 004
080424 006


heidikins said...

You: gorgeous pink blossoms, blue sky & sunshine.

Me: scraping snow off of my windshield.

Life is not fair.

Gorgeous pics!

Brian in Mpls said...


CubanInLondon said...

Well, London is starting to fill up with nascent buds and exploding blossoms. The sun has not shied away this week and given us a share of its power, although taking into account that I have just returned from Malaysia where the average temprature is 30 degrees, it's still not coming up to scratch.

Saludos desde Londres.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Heidikins and Brian!

That sounds lovely, cubaninlondon, those blossoms. And well, I think I prefer this current temperature to that of 30 degrees, generally, even if variety is the spice of life:)

John said...

Hello Luv!

Things look SO beautiful in always!

Hope you're feeling better than a week or so ago.

Love from America.

Pia K said...

Thanks, John! Well, seeing the beauty is one way to try and prevent those very less that lovely things in life get to you. Because honestly, things aren't at all better with *those things* as a week ago, but at least I can share the crap with others, the fellow coursemates in the same situation. But sigh, double sigh, triple sigh and add some... Then it's good that there's also pink in life!

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