Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Days of Sighs

I'll just continue on the written path of too-good-to-be-true-stupid-costly-as-in-money-time-energy-life-employment-market-arrangements-in-order-to-keep-us-measly-workless- troublesome-academics-out-of-the-way, shall I? *Everybody goes yes, please do*

And yes, this mismanaged part of life too shall pass, and of course turn into a bestselling dyspeptic literary observation of a part of the (Swedish) public sector and its far too common grossly misuse of money and other resources. Ah, I wish. For now I'll just settle with ventilating the blogging way.

But since I very much need a bit of beauty sleep I'll just mention that yesterday and today were another couple of days that offered even more mindblowing and jawdropping high/lowlights of this flipping maddening excuse of a course. Astounding, fascinating and yes, actually completely sad and pathetic really. What is it with people that just simply refuse to acknowledge their own shortcomings and quite obvious flaws, take responsability for the problems they cause others, apologize, mend if possible, learn from those mistakes and do better from then on.

Instead they keep coming up with the most childish excuses and whitewashes imaginable. And things just keep getting worse for every day. Sigh. Tremendous sigh. Tomorrow I might share some details, for now I'll just say -



aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Heh. My BSH pulls that face, too - always makes me laugh!

Hang in there. Things can only get better - surely??

Pia K said...

Knut and his mother (now nearly 12) are the only ones who master this expression, it sure is a moodlifter:)

One friend said that in a few years we'll be laughing at the utter stupidness of this course adn everything around it - another one said that's probably true, if we don't suffer any permanent mental damage instead... That remains to be seen, I guess.

John said...

Aww. What's wrong love? Things always look so beautiful in Pialand from my point of view, but sure sounds like things are not so good lately. Great pic of little guy obviously irritated. Would some love from America help?

Glowy, warm love from America. : ))

Wendy said...

That picture is hillarious! And a little scary.
Sending you warm thoughts. xx

Pia K said...

John; well even if a whole lot of things are well in Pialand, there are also some things which aren't now and then, abit like life in general for most folks I guess. And this course bugs me big time *surprise*. Kind thoughts and sweet comments are always appreciated though! :)

Wendy, it's funny how a very friendly, purring meow can turn into a semi-scary picture like this:) Thanks ever so much for your warm thoughts!

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