Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Weekend Ends


If you try and look pass that grossly misleading promise on the colour cream package that stated 100% perfect covering of grey hairs - as I mentioned before, all thanks to the course of course, I've been *enjoying* more than my fair share of grey hairs as lately. And I frankly don't care if it looks utterly stylish and cool on some others, it doesn't on me. Since I've been forced to cancel and postpone my regular occurring appointment at the hairdresser's for a while now (guess why, see above) I couldn't get an appointment for both colouring and a cut in a foreseeable future. I was simply compelled to take matters into my own plastic gloved hands... The only covering I got was of my dear, lighter strands, not the grey ones. Gnarl. Reclamation is the word, but it sure won't give me my lighter strands back. Snarl -

and the fact that my body is trying to match those grey hairs by suffering from a bit of strange muscle soreness after digging through the garden shack yesterday looking for some very important things. The search was sadly in vain - which is both embarrassing and annoying beyond words - and just seeing all that piled up stuff I've been postponing the cleaning away of (as in sell, give or throw) was quite exhausting. Sigh.

080420 016

Yes, if you're able to look pass those things, the weekend round off was quite agreeable indeed. Like the fact that it was the warmest day so far - up to + 15 degrees C - which lead to the much anticipated inauguration of the red shoes - well, even if they weren't the most comfortable first-time-wearing-shoes I've had on, I think they'll be very nice indeed when I've gotten use to them. And they're pretty. As well as red.

080420 008

We enjoyed this year's first time outdoor meal at lovely as always Måns Ols Inn. Where we were accompanied by this wonderful - and scrounging - swan couple. If you look very close you might also see the little head of one of them lurking in the background of the food pic above. They really made an entertaining show of being completely starved, though looking well-fed and simply gorgeous.


And even if one should never ever take things for granted, I think - better touch wood just to be on the safe side of wishful climate thinking - one can express the notion of spring with summer as companion being well on its way at these latitudes.



Poppy Q said...

Pia your new shoes are gorgeous!!

stromsjo said...

I suppose that's their core business really. Showing off the starved look while remaining irresistibly gorgeous.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Poppy, and once I've managed to break them in a bit more I'm sure they'll be really comfy too.

Ha, ha, that's probably true, Per, although I think these two were a bit over the top in their behaviour, which of course might have something to do with them swimming just outside a restaurant area with so many people admiring as well as feeding them...:)

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