Friday, April 25, 2008

Nine Days Later


Nine days later the lilacs have begun showing some wee purple buds, hopefully it won't be too long before they start spreading some sweet, irresistible scent through the air...

And nearby you might find a fine specimen of a loaf shaped wag, that completely agree on the excellence of lilacs.



aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Hee hee. 'a loaf-shaped wag' - I love it!

Lilacs bring up fond memories of my parents' house. We had 2 lilac trees, one white, one purple. Both beautiful. The fragrance was heavenly.

Pia K said...

Malte has been called many things, like a meatball and a squirrel - look daddy, a squirrel - but so far I like loaf best. He really is in a perfect loaf shape, the little tyke:)

Oh I have similar childhood memories of lilacs, at our country house we had a large lilacs arbor, white and purple and yes, that fragrant... sigh.

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