Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Possible Instant Karma Of Skirt

First day of class this week - in general we *only* have two full days of lectures and the rest of the time we're suppose to know, I suspect from divine intervention, exactly what to read and study at home... - and I found it so darn relaxing since we'd finally reached the first course of law. Namely contract law.

It felt so very comforting somehow, not having to struggle with financial ratios and a new specialist language, instead just being able to sit there and nod wisely. And silently giggling and laughing inside at all those seemingly dorky - but really very sophisticated of course - legal jokes (including the complete naivety of some people that really very much should know better) the lecturer felt it very appropriate to tell. Snugness.

Well, it could have been all snugness, if it hadn't been for the Annoying Guy and His Pretendents. The excessiveness of today's interruptions and stupid comments... Give me strength. Especially since I was a tid bit too quick to be grateful for the fact that the group I ended up in these upcoming legal course weeks was blissfully free of the Annoying Guy and His Pretendants - turned out he jumped at the opportunity to change group. Ah, I can't wait to get even more of all his lovely - irony big time - comments in an even smaller group in a foreseeable future...

But - if you happen to sympathize with the Annoying Guy and His Pretendents - perhaps there is such a thing as instant Karma. All these unkind thoughts and subtle snarls somehow made my silly skirt - a skirt which happens to be spending her evening lying in the proverbial corner - get semi-stuck inside my pantyhose (and I swear I am totally obsessed by checking that whenever I've used the facilities) hence semi-flashing my behind all the way through our lunch at the favourite place and into the afternoon until someone discreetly mentioned it.

The only consolation from that moment on was the fact that no I didn't wear any butt ugly - every pun intended - leopard print g-strings, it was more of a Bridget Jones moment of flash, if you know what I mean... And that poor guy who's sitting in the bench behind me, that very nice guy, he must have had a horrifying moment when me and the lunch gang returned a bit late from lunch and I was trying to slide very discreetly in to my seat but(t) ended up shoving that Bridget-Jones-flash of a behind rather flagrantly into his visual angle.

I can only hope he has an obvious memory deficit. Or that the shock caused a sudden blowout. I promise I will so try and think only good and kind thoughts of the Annoying Guy and His Pretendants from now on. No more venture in to the area of Possible Instant Karma of Skirt.


Heather said...

I had the same Karma of Skirt experience when I was working at a very large department store. I walked past the department of the guy I liked and he whistled at me.

I thought he was being flirtatious and was feeling very pretty until I walked into my department and a fellow salesgirl mentioned that my skirt was tucked into my hose. I ran into the stockroom and turned 10 shades of red.

John said...

Ha! Pia. I love little moments like this. When I'M the voyeur, of course. ; )

Pia K said...

Shudder at the thought of that moment, Heather...:/ And isn't it - if possible - even worse when you actually think all those very nice things before you realise the actual reason. One just has to hold on to the fact that those awful embarrassing moments most of us have will most certainly turn into a good story somewhere along the line!

John, oh I do to, especially when I see it on someone that looks like they deserve it... Which I of course don't, though it seems "someone" disagreed...:)

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