Wednesday, April 23, 2008

World Book Day

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April 23, this is the official international day of the book (and copyright), an indeed very likable initiative of UNESCO in order to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property. Can't say it's a big hullabaloo concerning this notable day here in Sweden in general, alas. How is it where you live?

Myself I have celebrated with begun reading a much new (as in paperback edition) anticipated book today - Kleopatra's kam / Cleopatra's comb by one of my favourite writers, Swedish Maria Ernestam who wrote the brilliant book Caipirinha med döden / Caipirinha with Death (yes, an amazing book I still simply implore you to read!).

And I've also been fondling my latest batch of new books that arrived by mail this week.

And yesterday evening I attended this pleasant little event at the concert hall Berwaldhallen that was called Med hjärtat för boken / With the heart for the book hosted by Dorotea Bromberg. Owner of the small but well-renowned publishing company Brombergs, with different literary discussions and readings by people like Horace Engdahl - who by the way apparently also rave about the John Ajvide Lindqvist books - the permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy (the institution which award the literature Nobel Prize), poet/writer Kristina Lugn, actor/director Philip Zandén and a bit of music that wasn't too bad. A nice and quietly thought-provoking and badly needed mind-clearing evening.

~ Happy world book day! ~

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