Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hope Springs & The Chocolate Wafers Clause

Sydafrika 2007 517

So, even if today wasn't nearly as bad as yesterday and the day before that, I still have to remind myself that somewhere there's hope, or Hope capital H, sun, warmth and a southernmost point. Which most certainly isn't situated in my close vicinity.

Incidentally, can you imagine the hordes of tourists we had to fight to get this picture of a Single Orange Elvira by what presumably must be one of the world's most well known as well as most photographed signs...? Really, an achievement I just might colourfully add to my CV...

As far as today's classroom experience went it wasn't all that bad, might have something to do with the fact that we worked on a group project most of the day, contract law, hence didn't have to endure as much of the Annoying Guy as usual. Must say I was quite pleased with the suggestion of a contract we (fine, read "me" here, humble isn't my middle name today) came up with.

I think the imaginary corporate management can sleep easy at night knowing we've negotiated a mighty fine deal with the suppliers. I'm especially satisfied with that sophisticated yet discernible damages clause containing a specified amount of chocolate wafers being provided us wronged. Brand, the one and only, Cloetta, since that's what keeps us good and happy.

Now I'm good and ready to go to bed, enjoying my well-earned rest and not having to rise at an ungoodly hour, tomorrow not having to drag myself into the shower when I'd much rather stay in bed for yet some hours and thank goodness not having to deal with the rush hour people and their bad morning breath. Please, may I refer to the-chocolate-wafers-clause.

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