Tuesday, July 08, 2008

After-Movie Snacks Of Sorts

Time for a bit of pictorial after-movie-snack. It's been a whole lot of while since I last wrote something more tangible - as tangible as blog can be - about food made at mi casa. Admittedly I haven't felt very inclined to experimenting, digging into favourite cookbooks finding new favourite recipes (or finding new cookbooks or recipes otherwise).

I, we, have basically been relying on good ol' favourite dishes by me or M, take-out dinners or eating out. But here are some of the newish dishes tried out (and as usual, for recipes, get in touch) -


I've never been a fan of risotto, until I realized how it's meant to taste last year. Sadly it rarely does, and my own made are no exceptions. Sigh. This shitake-tequila risotto was just a disappointing hotchpotch with an overpowering shitake-flavour. Will definitely not make again. Anyone got any briliant suggestions as to what I should make with the remaining dried shitake mushrooms?


The zucchini-basil risotto was slightly better, but still far from as good as I'd like it to have been. And it won't be slowly cooking on my stove ever again.

Perhaps I have mentioned this carrot macaroni gratin before - but it's just so unbelievably good, and simple, and the more carrots the better, I'll give you a glimpse of it again *make room for serious case of tummie rumble here*


Fettuccini with bio-organic Napoletana pastasauce (incl minced quorn and heaps of grated carrots of course), with main ingredients bought at Saltå Kvarn, nothing spectacular, rather flavourless despited added seasoning. Quite disappointing actually


Something that never ever disappoints though, is my favourite whip together dish - pastasalad with halloumi, feta, grated carrots and whatever other vegetables there is in the fridge. This time it was heaps of plum tomatoes - and oh, it was lovely and summery and colourful and tasty...

080525 014

Ovenbaked rootveggies with halloumi and feta - and yes, halloumi and feta goes with everything, especially well with carrots and beetroot. And sunflower seeds too


Saltå Kvarn isn't *just* one heck of a great summer outing and café, they also have a superb cookbook with gorgeous pictures. Admittedly some of the recipes is *a bit* too much fuss for my personal taste of cooking/baking, but this was one simple and great one - spelt crisp bread with avocado-cucumber-tomato-quorn-mix, touch of oil, herbs and sunflowerseeds


Another beetroot-lentils-salad version, this time with soy nuggets, basil and radish. Tasty indeed


Some weird looking as well as ho-hum tasting quorn-dinkel balls with a consistency that can be loved by someone toothless. Will. So. Never. Roll. Again.

080404 003
Flippin' delicious banana bread with whole wheat flour and muscovado sugar. Though has to be devoured quickly, since they didn't freeze well

Delicious too, was this apple-peach pie with coconut topping. And easy peasy to make. What's not to adore?

080525 018

The banoffee pie I made for Mother's Day. For my liking it contained too much of digestives, too much of boiled forever condensed milk and to much of bananas - but mother liked it a lot and that's what counts this time around

Rather lovely, easy to make, lemon squares
080620 001

This is one tempting looking chocolate fudge cake - from favourite cookbook - I've been meaning to do forever. But talk about much ado about pretty nothing. Completely and utterly disappointing, *huge sigh*


Tosca-apple pie that one can actually have kind of seriously indecent dreams about. Yes it was that good. Really.


John D. said...

You are an artiste, lovely Pia!

YUM! : )

Kyra said...

You realize I cannot visit here because you keep making me hungry! ;)

Pia K said...

Ah, thanks so much, John! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! very, very delicious looking.


Pia K said...

Kyra, well I try my best...;) I have a friend who once said that when her kitchen cupboards where pretty much empty she made oatmeal porridge and browsed through her cookbooks, salivating over the pictures and imagine she ate something completely different. Um, maybe there's an idea for a business to be found in that...?

Thanks, Paz!

Wendy said...

It all looks wonderful! I'm drawn to the macaroni carrot casserole. Any chance of the recipe? :))

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