Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Forth Railway Bridge


In general I'm *rather* uninterested in technical stuff, building constructions and such. But there are, as usually is, exceptions to that rule. One of them being the Forth Railway Bridge in the east of Scotland. Crossing the river Forth it's the railway bridge - as opposed to the Forth Road Bridge for cars - that takes you further north from the Scottish capital Edinburgh. I've been strangely fascinated by it ever since I as a child saw the Hitchcock movie "The 39 Steps" in which it is generously featured.


I think it's such a pretty candy cane on fudge-looking, never seize to intrigue, quite magic piece of architecture. Not to mention photogenic.


More information on both the pretty Railway Bridge and its plain sister the Road Bridge can be found here



Wendy said...

It is fab, isn't it? I always get a thrill going across it. :)

Titania said...

Great photo work Pia. When I see bridges in Scotland I remember Theodor Fontane's "Die Brueck' am Tay". An eerie and sad poem. Its background the terrible accident that happened in 1879. The bridge was new build in 1878. A bad storm caused the bridge to fall apart and the train was lost in the fiord.

Per Stromsjo said...

I read the book and forgot about the film. But I like that first misty shot. Could have been almost any season, right?

Pia K said...

Oh, I would love to one day take the train across it, Wendy, mmm, getting excited just thinking of it...:)

Thanks, Titania. I read about that tragedy and the faulty construction of the Tay bridge. Must look for that poem now.

Good movie, you ought to see it, Per. I like that shot too, any season, any century really. Black-white strikes a certain timeless cord.

John said...

WOW! That's amazing! : )

Pia K said...

Yup, imagine what people can do...:)

Anonymous said...

Impressive structure.


Pia K said...

It sure is, Paz, as well as pretty, marvellous when those two things go hand in hand I think.

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