Saturday, August 09, 2008

Shaggy Dog Story

Two scruffy heart breakers I found outside a visitor's center in Armadale, Skye. They did not only look in complete despair, they also uttered pitiful sounds of abandonment during those very longish five minutes they were left outside the shop. When owner-who-was-the-spitting-image-of-the dogs-in-human-shape-and-lack-of-haircut returned all was waggy well again for these adorable characters.



Titania said...

A lovely couple of shaggies. I had to laugh when you said the owner looked shaggy too! It is said, that owners of dogs resemble their dogs! I wonder If I look like a Jack Russell?

Pia K said...

Yes I know, that's why I found it quite appropritae to comment on the owner's (lack of) haircut:) It's so funny when you see dogs and owners resembling eachother like that!

Can't say I look like Malte though, small and compact, although I do admit my hairstyle some days do look a lot like his...:)

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