Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Footsies


These feet - yet another feet joy in York - which I discovered outside the window while having a much deserved (as always) coffee break, gave me an idea of what the witch in Hansel and Gretel might have thought. Kind of mouthwatering adorable. In the uttermost vegetarian way of thinking of course.


Helena said...

I know, my baby is so cute that sometimes I'd like to eat her. Luckily I'm a vegetarian too. :-)

I was looking for bloggers liking Sleepless in Seattle and you were the first sane person I found. The others were mostly Christian conservatives scary as hell.

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Pia, that is so wrong! But, yoo do make me laugh :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Pia, you are too funny. ;-)

Paz (who likes the photo)

Pia K said...

How completely weird, annoying - and scary - as that might be, Helena S, the idea of those fanatics having "Sleepless in Seattle" as a favourite movie is for some *odd* reason quite amusing...:o)

Ha, ha, but they do look like cute (vegetarian) sausages those footsies, Holler...:)

Thanks, Paz, ah, the thoughts that pop into my head sometimes - and just a tiny portion of them is put to blog, imagine...;)

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