Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Queen of Thwarting & the Case of Nibbles

I do consider myself rather deft and nifty when it comes to using the jewellery making tools, needles and yarn and such. However when it comes to the sewing machine... Nah, can't say we're bestest friend forever and always, far from. Although I have managed to now and then produce some quite lovely things with the help of that stubborn, queen of thwarting piece of machinery over the years.

But with few exceptions those projects have been of the rather time consuming kind, and I really have very less than patience when it comes to dealing with wilful, counteractive machines so I've prefered to keep my encounters with sewing machines to a minimum. We're clearly not on the same wavelength in life.

I'm definitely, mostly, on the same wavelength as my cats though, some have been known to share animosity towards queen of thwarting, hence case of wee wee. Loaf doggie also obviously shares animosity towards sewing piece, discovery of today; tiny nibbles all over the pedal cord.

I obviously haven't used the machine for a very long time, and the discovery of those tiny puppy nibbles - from someone who just turned five... - couldn't have come at a worse time, since I have to have a *little* project ready and presentable for Saturday. This Saturday. Less than two days away. Lady of procrastination has once again made one of her trustworthy and recurrent appearances.

I will borrow another piece of sewing machinery tomorrow. Hopefully it will show a less than defiant streak and hopefully mastering a new sewing machine is like riding a bike, they're pretty much the same of athwart.

And no, lady of procrastination will have learnt naught from this case of nibbles.



Titania said...

I can't say that I have ever been best friends with my sewing machine. For a while I had to use it quite often out of necessity. My eldest daughter has shown a defter hand at it. The cats are cute. I hope Malte didn't get a whiff.. I do like your tongue in cheek writings.

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, thanks, Titania:)

Different crafty talents seem to skip a generation or so sometimes. In my case one might say that I'm not very friendly with machines at all, of course they do make things easier but when they're playing hard to work - which is ever so often - I just want to (and do) scream...:/

Malte wasn't hurt - or, hm, perhaps that would explain his overly ecstatic behavious at times...;) - the machine is always covered up when I don't use it, standing on the floor and perhaps the pedal cord had slipped out from the cover and was simply irresistable for a pup's teeth ...:)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I'm impressed! ;-)


Pia K said...

As you should be, Paz, I'm sure I struggled with the athwart machine that time too...;)

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