Monday, August 11, 2008

...And Pink Dessert

The food of today might be yellow, but for the dessert it's pink all the way. The heart shaped cake for the five year's do the other day. The cake was suppose to hold lavender, but however lovely the scent and the look of lavender might be I just didn't feel adventurous enough to add it to a cake, this time. Instead I went with lemon and a dash of cardamom, very basic cake and very good cake too. Even if the picture makes it look like it's suffering from rubella -


Prettier in real and very much tastier too. So simple to make, and it wasn't even a problem to slice the cake into two thin layers, it played along and didn't crumble. A+ for good behaviour. Lovely summery raspberry cake, yet another hit from that favourite vegetarian cookbook of mine, Ulriksdal's Castle Garden Café -

50 g butter (lemon butter and/or liquid butter/oil is great)
2 free range eggs
1,5-2 dl sugar
2 dl wheat flour
2 tbs baking powder
2 tbs vanilla sugar
(½ dl dried lavender or lemon or whatever flavouring you like)
1 dl hot water

3-4 dl whipped cream
3-4 dl raspberries, fresh or frozen (or other fruit/berries of your liking)

Melt butter, let it cool (or use the terrific liquid butter/oil and skip the melting/cooling bit). Whisk egg and sugar frothy. Mix in butter, flour, baking power, vanilla sugar (lavender or other flavouring) and add last the hot water. Whisk quickly together, pour mixture in a buttered, breaded cake pan. Bake for about 30 minutes at 175 degrees C. Let cake cool.

Whip the cream, mix with raspberries. Slice cake into two layers, spread cream/raspberry mix between layers and possibly on top of cake too (for that rubella look). Enjoy a slice of summer!



Jacqueline Meldrum said...

What a very pretty cake that is. Bet it tasted fab!

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

I say, "yummy yummy"! It looks great, and it seems to be easy to do. I don't think one can go wrong with raspberries.)Every body loves them.
One of my daughters had recently her birthday. I offered to make her b.cake. And I, Mum, had to make the most complicated cake as possible. One of the japonais broke and I couldn't fit it properly anymore...anyway I covered the cake with the chocolate cream, it looked pretty rough and ready, but then I covered it with whipped cream and decorated with Nasturtium flowers and tahdah...

Pia K said...

Thanks, Holler, yes it did, mmm...

That's so true, Titania, raspberries are a sure thing! That sounds like a lovely cake you made, any pictures perhaps...?

I think that half the fun when it comes to cakes, and food, is the decoration and presentation. The enjoyment of food and eating is just so much more fun when the food looks pleasing and inviting to the eye. And having a garden and flowers sure help...:)

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