Thursday, August 21, 2008

How Much Are Those Shoes There In The Window

Since I began writing this blog I can't help but feel that my shoe quantum has semi skyrocket. So far I count to 18 shoe-posts - which is, granted, only 2% of all the posts up to date - but since I once did blog-confess shoes don't make me all woozy and happy like handbags have been known to I really truly wonder how I have managed to buy, at least, humph, cough, hrm, mmm... 11 pair of shoes since last summer.

It can very well be the case of me actually being in badly need of more shoes *ha, ha* since I have been known to do some closet cleaning *yes, really* from time to time. It truly can be that reason. Yes. It. Can. Actually, come to think of it, that's really the only plausible reason there is. Since I'm no shoe addict going all giddy at the sight of a shoe store. Period.

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Besides feet are happiest when they get a change of scenery on a regular basis. And I have been known to fall victim to crazy, nasty blisters - and to tell the truth, I haven't had much encounter with blisters since I did get those 11 new pairs. I think that pretty much sums it up, buying new shoes, giving feet change of scenery make feet happy. And happy feet make entire human happy. And human get even more happy when shoes are on sale, which these shoes have been. Most of them. Or at least at a reasonably pleasing price.

Therefor, I have no problem whatsoever with the fact that I did get that 12th pair the other week. Shoes I have been admiring in the shop window all spring - because they're quirky, offbeat and me - I have even tried them on, but I wasn't sure neither of the size nor the prize. Besides, shop assistant that shows an unappealing mix of unhelpfulness and keenness to sell usually make me shy away from buy.

Passed the shop the other week, noticed there was a 50% sale on, and lo and behold, one pair of quirky-shoe-cuteness on display. Size fits. Must be a sign that change of feet scenery is essential. Weather permitted they might also go rather well with tweed hat. Tweed hat happy with new shoes, entire human happy.

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Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Yes, Pia give me shoes anytime, here in my case "sandals" but not just brown, black or white sandals, no, no, they have to have something special... the clogs are above cute, really pretty. Well, at least now in my "old" age I can say no to a pair that my feet do not find comfy, even if they might find them snazzy!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Titania. I've always gone for comfort in shoes, as well as prettiness (even if my idea of prettiness isn't very "mainstream"), but lately I've noticed that my feet alas don't concider the style of prettiness/comfort to be the same as they used to. Hence many of my old favourite shoes doesn't feel great, at all, anymore:(

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