Saturday, August 23, 2008

This Is Not The Pom-Pom Sea

When you rely on free (Internet) service it's always a dilemma when things don't work like they're supposed to, boosted too. On the one hand it is free of charge which limits the justification of demands we might have when things do not work as they should. On the other hand it really bugs most of us when there's no easy way to get in touch with *those in charge* and get *instant* support - and even if you're actually paying for a support service it's difficult to get that instant as well as helpful service - instead you're forced to all this time consuming - and rarely very efficient or problem-solving - detours like DIY "help"centers or discussion groups... Sigh.

Since I have neither the inclination, energy nor time to play in one of those DIY "help" groups - which will be just as useful as playing in the IKEA pom-pom sea, the only difference is that in pom-pom sea you get a laughter fit instead of a borderline apoplectic one - I'm just going to whine a bit here.

I did something really stupid yesterday, and yes I have learnt my lesson the hard and unforgiving way. Please note that I'm completely aware of the fact that this is a luxury problem indeed, I have a roof over my head, vegetarian food on my table, clean water from the tap, a toilet that flushes, a shower, a good bed to sleep in and more handbags than I - honestly - need.

However, this is still annoying. I did the fatal - as in look of blog fatal - mistake of trusting what a small Blogger information box promised. It went something like this; "you will be able to return to the current look of your blog, we will save a backup of your current template, blah, blah, blah". Okay, then I will press the button and feel comfortable with the fact that all will not be lost. In Blogger box I trust.

The only, silly, reason for me switching to the classic template was the fact that I was going to do some minor changes and I personally felt that the classic one was easier to overlook. So. I was stupid, stupid. Stupid. Because obviously the truth isn't out there. None such backup available, at least not for me. No matter what that annoying box promised. And a whole lot of thought, work and time is lost. Computers, Internet and free services. Ain't life grand.

If one, me, tries to look at it from a slighter brighter side it wasn't my regular blog, bless, which was affected by my ill thought through press-the-button-decision. And perhaps the only way to try and learn new thingies and play around a bit is to do, however involuntary and regretful, a bit of spring-blog-cleaning. Even if it's late summer.

So. Okay. Let's move on then, solve the issue the best, and least time-consuming, way. Let's play if not with pom-poms, but a bit with New Blogger Layout Features. The only problem is that no matter how much I try and "customize design" (back to new blogger with that neat drag and drop edit that it was before all this... displeasure began) there is just no darn way "upgrade your template" button appears. Major. Bummer.

Sigh. Big time. Free service vs my time, energy, ideas and work. Please, even if the truth isn't out there, I do hope the fix is. Better soon than never. Please?

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