Thursday, August 07, 2008

Seasonably Thoughts

All this post-travelling downloading and uploading of pictures, unpacking of bags, musing over acquired gifts for self or others, trying to catch up on some much needed sleep, not to mention darn leg that isn't fully back in business yet - note that sympathy from furry friends is very hard to find regarding this vs demands of human slave duties - washing up, pottering around house and garden, sorting out thoughts, ideas and plans I've had time to chew a bit more on, putting the pieces together - all lists, thought and talk, less of the action kind, feel like change... - moving on, has left me kind of lost for blog words.
Even if, granted, that was a mighty fine long sentence. Still, awaiting just the right words the chance this blog will have to do with very short posts and mostly pictures for some days to come is rather imminent. Ah, timely, looked like she would just go on and on and...
Until serious writing bug strikes again, for now everything's coming up roses -


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

And they are gorgous, that will do!

Poppy Q said...

The roses are beautiful Pia. So pretty and I bet they smell lovely.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Titania!

Oh yes, they did smell lovely but faint, Poppy Q, thanks for stopping by!

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