Saturday, August 30, 2008

On The Last Summer Saturday

On what can probably, alas, be consider the official last weekend of this summer - that has been too short, far too short IMHO, *sniffle*, not at all like last year's... - the weather has so far at least been quite pleasant indeed, mostly sunny though with a discernible shill in the gusts. Although tweed hat inauguration is much anticipated, I must confess that I'm not comfortable, at all, with the fact that it looks like one already has to put on a whole lot of more clothes when going outdoors from here on. *Blubber*


Anyway, today we had what will probably be the penultimate toy car outing this year *sob*, making the most of the sun, the semi-mild winds, what's still left of green summer and opted for a late breakfast on the other side of town, at Långängens Gård (Lång = tall, ängens = field's, Gård = Farm). Apparently a popular outing for the locals in the hood, so I'm glad we got there earlish. It looked quite adorable indoors, but of course one *has to* enjoy the outdoors as much as possible while it's pleasant enough...


I had a big bowl of spinach soap and delicious homemade bread. The soup was nice, though to be quite honest I do prefer the one I make myself, there's just so much more flavour and *oomf* to that spinach soup version. Followed by coffee and cake, which turned out to be a courgette cake with raspberry cream topping. Nice, but rather dry and overfilling, it surely would have benefited from a *little* juiciness... But it was pretty! Quite like the raspberry cake I made for a little loafie's do the other week...


And by the looks of it, this must be the place that offers the best job in the world... Oh my, to be able to sit and work in there overlooking the garden and its seasonal changes, just pop over the courtyard for homemade lunch and afternoon coffee, not to mention having an after lunch walk in the perfect-for-lovely-walks-woods-that-surrounds-the-place... Does that person (or persons) who work there realise how blessed and enviable he-she-they is/are??


And some might say, why travel all the way to Scotland for thistles and sheep, when that can be found just a toy car outing away? Those "some" do not include me though. Of course.


On our way home we went by that sweet neighbourhood castle garden cafe and farm stall I wrote a bit last year, Lennartsnäs, to see if they had any late-summer-goodies (grönsaker = vegetables) on offer. Even if we returned home without any purchases this time, the place was positively brimming with a lovely, lush, flowery, colourful, very-much-still-summer-vibe. Ah bliss. So much as I think it deserves a whole medley blog post of its very own...

Slotts = castle's, trädgård = garden


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

A lovely late summer outing still with the wind in the hair (not yet cute tweed hat) or it might have flown away like "dem Kuertchen sein Huetchen"! The red houses with their roofs slanting down look so homely and beautiful. I am larning a little Swedish too; I am never sure if and when I can use my knowledge...lang..angem ...gard; I am sure I will be directed to the right place! Thank you Pia.

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, thanks, Titania, and I'm sure you'll get the hang of the Swedish language in no time, and you can most always rely on getting by with English here too...;)

John D. said...





: ))

Pia K said...

For some odd reason my posts regulary make you yearn different cakes, John, that's very peculiar...;)

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