Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lennartsnäs Castle Garden August Fantasia


So, I promised a plethora of still summery, lush, colorful, flowery garden pictures from Lennartsnäs Castle Garden and cafe - castle itself is private property and off limits unless invited, which I obviously have yet to be. This is apparently how the castle looks though, not the prettiest of buildings perhaps... Though they sure got a grand lake view - here they are. In good taste with lots of pink and orange flowers, a completely organic garden since the 1960ies -


Gårds = Farm's, butik = shop


Notice something that looks like it has escape from Jurassic Park? That's apparently a juvenile Muscovy duck freewheeling with the chickens and roosters. Every day, a new day...



John D. said...

How very beautiful. I love the old bench, and the colors, AND THE DUCKY! : )

Pia K said...

Thanks, John! Yeah, I quite liked it myself:)

stromsjo said...

I guess this is right next to the old E18 road to (or from) Enköping? Then we got ourselves a motorway and 90% of the traffic moved, I suppose.

Pia K said...

The exit to Lennartsnäs is from that old E18 yes, but then it's at least, if not more, 5 km to drive/cycle/walk. It hasn't always been a café attached to it, and the organical garden seems to be rather well-known with the "in the know" crowd with or without motorway.

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