Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Keeper of Great Gentle Giant


For many, many years I've been in awe of wind turbines, I think they're absolutely beautiful to look at, especially when in a group. Like some kind creatures from outer space, friendly buzzing and producing renewable energy. Of course there are, like with most (mechanical) things, drawbacks with them too - danger to birds, disturbing the eco-system when placed in sea, exploitation to mention some - but all in all there seem to be more pros than cons to these gentle, white giants.

I have absolutely no idea why some people think they spoil the landscape. Everything in moderation but I do think they add a special fairytailish, unexpected feeling whenever they show up. Phlegmatic, diligent and beautiful.


When I looked through my holiday pictures I could distinguish an abundance of certain motifs - sheep in many shapes and forms, castles, churches, flowers, gardens and ahem... wind turbines.

I think that the wind turbine photo extravaganza began, when I had the opportunity to finally meet one very up and personal on a field in Denmark. Oh my, was it just dreamy fantastic! Just little me and gorgeous humming, spinning giant Wind Turbine on a field one summery day under a bright blue sky. It was kind of surreal and rather mesmerizing indeed. To be quite honest I wouldn't mind being the Keeper of the Great Gentle Giant.

So, what if I went *slightly* overenthusiastic with the camera, wind turbines are not only fabulously great and hypnotic to look at, altogether they accomplish a lot of good, they ought to be photographically praised on a regular basis. In my humble, mesmerized opinion that is...





Anonymous said...

In Wyoming--synonymous for Wide Open Spaces for Hundreds and Hundres of Miles--there are windmill fields, and they are eerily stunning. I love driving past them.


Pia K said...

Oh, that sounds amazing indeed!

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