Thursday, November 19, 2009

having the blues in colours


I finally completed the second scarf with mohair purchased in South Africa - well over two years ago now, I still think about that most amazing journey almost every day. I would love to return. If only it wasn't so far far away. If only there was money. If only there was time. If only - it turned out quite lovely and unusal in a very delicate yet sluggish way I think. Only two packages of yarn was bought, one green one pink. I so regret not buying more as it was sold for a good cause (not only soothing for my own soul) and turned out so well.


Reciever of second pair of greenish socks was very pleased with her new feet warmers and I'm of course more than equally pleased to satisfy her needs for most magic socks in other colours.


Yes there might also be new projects for self as well as others involved in the acquiring of more yarn. I feel, for strictly unselfish purposes of course, I should do my best in working my way through the different colour-combinations of magic yarn.


The drab, bland hues excluded. Although there is a chocolatey-beige-eggshellish mix that speaks to me I have to admit.


There was pumpkin cake baked today. It turned out a scrumptiously moist loveliness and it was most enjoyed.

The sun even showed its these days rarely seen face for a moment or two. So it was a rather good day. If it hadn't been for a worrying letter. I don't appreciate such letters. And I don't like the way I worry about such matters. Stupid, ignorant, uncreative, bureaucratic, grey, heartless yet worrying issues.

There are days when these matters can be faced and most certainly fought. And there are days when they just put a damper on a whole day, days or more. They swirl, twirl, twist, infest, poison, try their best in suffocating happiness and the positive outlook that things will certainly work out for the very best. They do. They will. For sure. The matters will not matter then, the things will do.

Today has been a dampen day, despite the fortune of colourful yarn, good cake and a few rays of sun. Some days just are.


Anonymous said...

Good morning to you, Pia, from South Africa. I found your blogspot while looking at one of my other favourite spots Annesfood - also Swedish in Nationality.

I particularly liked your photograph yesterday showing the Farlu red painted houses with the cattle in the foreground.
I spent a wonderful 2 weeks in Darla Jarna area of Sweden with my daughter in law who grew up there. What a wonderful country you come from.

If you are needing more of your wool from South Africa and can remember where you purchased it, I would be more than willing to make up a picture of colours available and post it on the internet for you to choose and then organise the sale of same for you.
Kind regards and keep writing - I will be a constant follower from now on.
Nola from Amanzimtoti KwaZulu-Natal

Mama Feline said...

Hi Pia! Such lovely items you have made and so caring. I also wish you woud come to South Africa and bring me one of those scarves - gorgeous!
If you need items from SA I will gladly assist you!

I hope the letter was not something too serious.

Love your photo's as usual :)

Lola Nova said...

Just reading your comments, isn't blogland amazing? I love that scarf and your new yarns. My mother checked out your blog a bit ago and was drooling over your magic socks!

Pia K said...

welcome, nola! and what a kind and thoughtful comment, i'm touched by your offer! i have my hands full of yarn at the moment, but one day i'd love to get more of this amazing yarn, i'll let you know:) i remember i bought it at a small yarn shop by a square in the town of knysna, but i think they may sell the brand all over sa. many many happy and grateful thoughts to you:)

thanks, forever feline! how very sweet of you to offer too. touched am i:)

alex, you wrote what i thought, how amazing to get such immediate and kind response. wow. ah, i'm glad your mother enjoyed the socks:)

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