Thursday, November 12, 2009

the charity shop chair

As much as I feel it prudent - for many reasons that I'll list one day - to spend money on shoes, good food, skincare etc etc and so forth, there are some things I see pretty much no reason at all to spend a lot of money on or buying brand new - for in parts the same reasons as above as well as others - and that some things are furniture in general.

I see absolutely no reason why one should buy new and expensive sofas, chairs, tables etc etc and so forth, when there's most always perfectly fine second hand such to get from family and friends or charity shops.

Once upon a time I did buy myself a very - for me - expensive sofa. A sofa bed for my one room apartment when I moved to my first very own place. It was white - what was I thinking? - comfortable, good looking and I do belive I loved it - as much as anyone can love a sofa without becoming a creepy weirdo. After 10 or so years it had to be concidered killed by the determent furminator gang. That despite it having been covered in different washable sofa covers for some years.

Since then I have been happy and feeling very thrifty with my hand-me-down or charity shop sofas and armchairs. Recycling furniture rules. For many a reason.

I then wish I could say that all my ideas for repainting, re-furbishing, re-covering were carried through, but alas but for a very selected few.

In theory I do enjoy interior decoration and design, pottering, painting, colouring, arranging. A lot. In practice I rarely seem to have the real geist and energy to effectuate.

It's a pity, since everywhere you look, everytime you think and feel there's inspiration to create that perfectly cosy, quirky, eclectic, personal, whimsical styled home where attention has been brought to most every detail. Where you can entertain with dinners and tea parties being the generous artsy hostess in a homely and slightly chaotic environment that perfectly reflects the inner to outer creative you.

I still nurture that fabulous notion. But somehow I don't think that'll ever be me in real life. I'm simply too unfocused, wrapped up in books, yarn, thoughts, cat hair etc etc and so forth for that to be viable in this life. Perhaps.

Whenever I actually manage to see through a ridiculous long awaited plan for something - like painting a chair, a shelf, a table, a lampstand or just sew together a sofa cover or new curtains - I am very pleased with myself. Indeed I am.

That said, I have reasonable plans for this latest addition of a a charity shop - my favourite nearby place of Erikshjälpen, where the prices are most always crazy good (as most second hand stores in Stockholm love to put a high price tag on most stuff) and true gems as far as most things needed (or not) can be found. Such as green jacket and red bureau - find.


The armchair might possible have lived a previous life as a garden chair (welcome indoors) and the misguided creativity of its previous owner with giving it an ridiculous and horrific animal print cushion abomination very much almost made me overlook it. I would have if it wasn't for M who saw it's potential.

It is actually most comfortable; just the right angle of back to give good support when knitting in front of the telly. The perfect size, width and height of armrest for resting not only arms (while knitting) but a cup of tea.

And no matter when or if it will undergo the repainting, sprucing, given a (new and proper) cushion, it certainly has the ever important paw and liquorice nose approval ~



Lola Nova said...

Yes, I can see the potential, good find!
I'm on the look out for a good shelf myself, of course I can never find the thing when I have it in mind.

Pia K said...

thanks, alex. i have been looking at paint now too, think i know exactly what colour i want (progress). one of these days...

myself i have been looking for a good sideboard for kitchen forever. i never see just what i want *bummer*. well i did spot one last year at an café/shop but i never got around asking if they would perhaps sell it... good luck in your shelf-hunt!

Pawleys Stand said...

Moo chair........pretty and unique.
I love it.

Pia K said...

thanks, pawleys stand, glad you enjoyed it:)

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