Sunday, November 29, 2009

on advent sunday


Just ordered the Christmas cards, which hopefully will turn out 100% satisfying and not like last year... Because when they're good, they're really very good.

Now I hope for a better week to come, than last week was. My inspiration for writing, really writing, seems to have gone awol. Wish it would return asap, since not having the writing bug or feeling the allure of words begging really makes me blue, dark blue.

Have a good week, the first of December ~



Lola Nova said...

Wonderful photos! I am absolutely terrible about sending out cards. I keep promising myself that the next year I will have it together and send out special cards...well, maybe next year or the one after that:)

Sorry to hear you are dark blue. I hope this week finds you tickled pink!

Pia K said...

thanks, alex! the week got me in a slighter paler blue, borderline pink mood. who knows what next week will bring...

oh, if there's one thing sacred thing about xmas for me it's the cards:)

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