Wednesday, November 04, 2009

the daring scandinavian photographer and the paw approval squad


As I was feeling better - still is, touch wood - I thought it was prudent to try and make the most of the measly amount of daylight us Northeners get this time of the year. Hence a photo session in garden was called for today. It was a gloomy day - which made the photographing unreasonably tricky, I couldn't believe how dark the camera adamantly told me it was at noon already. Darn, darn - and not only gloomy but windy, oh so windy. And the nasty winds made the reasonable temperatures of around +7 C drop. A lot. And the photo objects didn't want to cooperate.

And as I am notoriously everyday lazy (and proud of it!) when it comes to things like (not) putting on proper clothes when having my wee camera in garden sessions it soon became unbearably cold out there - picture the crazy snivelling, coughing, babbling to herself lady in a worn dressing gown with a magpie's nest on top (my sorry hair these ill days) and a camera in hand, that can just possibly me, the scarecrow on a mission - and yes, there was a short an unexpected moment of hail too.

So I totally blame the weather for not being all pleased with what I managed to capture with camera - because it can certainly not be the one behind the camera, oh no it can't - and I think there'll be a new try on a not so gloomy day (hopefully soon to come).

A few of the things captured was the incredibly sweet and personal package with letter I got from my gifted, multi talented swapping partner in the great letter writing swap. That most splendid of ideas and far, far from shabby see through is something that certainly calls for a grand post of its very own later, but for now - this post can be read as a tentative way back to writing after some horrible all revolving around a sore throat days, poor, poor bunny - I will give you a glimpse of one of those things that rarely disappoint in this residence situated at a place on the globe where autumns and winters are long, rather gloomy, cold and grim;


the ever trustworthy intervention of the paw approval squad ~

These teas with magical sounding names have travelled through forrests, over the ocean from Portland, Oregon to Stockholm, Sweden and I can't wait for the perfect moment to try them (I hope they blossom with milk?). Apart from bearer of magical names they certainly look good in autumn colours and gets the paw plus liquorice nose approval. I take that as a prosperous sign.


Lola Nova said...

I had a good laugh imagining you out there taking your pictures. Thank goodness for the paw approval.
I don't know what you will think of the teas. The Assam and Puer should be good with milk and possibly sugar if you take it. The Jade Green I have never tried, so I am uncertain.
I hope you like them. It's funny, they are from different parts of the world, then came to Portland and now to Sweden!

Pia K said...

yup, this tea certainly has travelled the world, alex! i should like assam and bamboo green sounds nice too, aged camel sounds a bit strange though...;)

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