Wednesday, November 11, 2009

to bake the grump away

I had a really annoying meeting this morning. To cut a much longer story very short; I made friendly suggestions of very reasonable changes to a website and the guys went all defensive in a totally ridiculous and immature way. Clearly not a place for me, for many other reasons than this attitude, and I do hope that was very obvious to all parties involved.

It took for ages to get back home since the public transportation system in Stockholm leaves a whole lot to be desired when it comes to cross connections.

When I finally sat on the bus home there was suddenly a very pale but visible sun trying its very best - I presume - to shine through the gloomy clouds that have been hanging over our heads for some weeks now. It was so unexpected and lovely and just then the day was golden.

When I got home I baked the cream tea scones - that I had planned to make even before the useless meeting - marvelled over my very sunny lemon dropish amber-silver ring I bought in Gdansk - what's not to love about the fact that I can have the sun on my finger any time I want?


- then admired the ingenuity of some people's free form crocheting - something for which I alas have no real knack - and the fact that I was fortunate enough to get my eager little hands on one pretty awesome whimsical autumnal neckpiece (of which there will be a proper post later).


This post wasn't at all what I had planned for today. But the quite disappointing morning meeting followed by such a waste of time by circumstantial transportation home rather shoved me into another direction of thoughts.

And I liked the fact that there was proper light today. That the sunny ring loved the company of rowanberries and the neckpiece enjoyed to play with autumn leaves. That the scones turned out scrumptiously perfect. And to be able to enjoy a bit of unpretentious cream tea under a pale autumnal sun in the here and now despite the not so fine start to the day, I believe that can be worth a post too ~



Lola Nova said...

Firstly, I am drooling a bit over that ring, so sunny and beautiful.
Secondly, I want to reach out and take one of those scones, they look so delicious I can't stand it! I had no plans for baking today but, that has just changed.

Heather said...

Coincidentally, I purchased a scone pan the very same day. Great minds...

pärlbesatt said...

Hjälp, nu blev jag nästan sjuk i kolhydrat-cravings... Din sista bild påminner om det rostade brödet med Philadelphia och rårörda bär, på Copacabana (som annars går under namnet Flatornas, här hemma). Fy fy fy vad sugen jag blev, det vattnas i munnen till och med! :)

Pia K said...

glad you enjoyed, alex, i hope you baked something really nice despite the no-plans-scenario!

indeed, great minds, heather, hope the pan has been promptly inaugurated!

oj hoppsan, hoppas du hittade något annat gott i kolhydratväg att snaska på, pärlbesatt. copacabana, dit ska man väl ta sig någon gång oxå ja, av olika skäl har det inte blitt av än:)

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