Sunday, November 01, 2009

november sunday grump with a few delights


I wish the month of November could find me in a better mood. I wish I could say hallo, welcome , so nice to meet you again. But alas I can not. As the beginning of a cold I thought I had on Friday turned out to be tonsilitis. Enter and sigh of enormous proportions. Having a sore throat is definitely my number one h a t e thing on the average flu-cold-scale of simple illnesses. With a normal cold you get to 'enjoy' the sore throat feeling for 1-3 days before it turns into sneezing, snivelling, fever and such. With tonsilitis the whole darn thing revolves around that same sore throat, and cough, for days and days and... Did I mention that I h a t e it?

Eating spicy food, toast, drinking tea and apple juice seems to help a bit. For a while. The rest of the time I'm feeling seriously grumpy and dwell in self-pity. Because having that surprisingly short cold some months back and having survived the tin can woman april I did hope and think there would be no more throat nastiness this side of new year's. How sadly wrong was I.


On the bright side - see, I am at least trying to be reasonably positive despite my unfortunate state - I'm glad I was able to go on that marvellous little get away - yes, one guessed on Gdansk, Poland and that was certainly it. The Place of Surprising Marvel. A place I will of course write a lot more about later. And show pictures. When in not so crabby mood - without feeling ill, that the birthday and the major part of October - after successfully finishing the course - was enjoyed illness-free with me in an overall rather pleasant mood. And with nature showing off its diversity and most gorgeous face in every colourful leaf.

When this weekend haven't been spent time in bed, reading, sleeping and feeling sorry for myself - poor, poor, bunny - there have been a disproportionate amount if time spent in front of the TV. Only good stuff watched of course. But even good stuff needs non idle hands so I have been knitting a lot. One shawl in this gorgeous rainbow wool yarn nearly finished (pictures of end result to come) ~


and couple of teal socks - one in black, obviously not my own idea of fun or usefulness, and one pair in the pretty mixed red yarn - have been undertaken. It's been ages since I knitted socks, I can't say I enjoyed it then, but now, apart from the needles being ridiculously thin and me finding the instructions initially sigh-worthy intricate, it is kind of fun. Lots of fun actually. At least when knitting in lovely colours. And imagining what to wear with them.

So instead of over-dwelling in self-sore-throat-pity I try to dwell in books and yarn delight. And with every purl I hope the tonsilitis will be on its way soon, soon, soon and if not I will have to go see Doctor Feist and get some magic medication. (And if it wasn't for the cost and me not liking the idea of medicating I would not hesitate to go see her, because she certainly has a benefitting and moodlifting manner.)

For now I will take comfort, as so often, in the magic of yarn. And tea. Add spicy food, a good book and something pleasant showed on TV.


Poppy Q said...

Oh Miss Pia, we hope your germs run away and you feel better soon. I hate sore throats too, and luckily have avoided colds or flus this whole year, which is most unlike me.

Rest up and take it easy.

Julie and Poppy Q

P.K said...

I hope that you recover quickly from this health setback. At least you are busy with good things. November is a difficult month.

pärlbesatt said...

Jag googlade på malakit, för att få andras uppslag kring färgsammansättningar - skulle jag ta korallsten eller ametist eller kanske båda?

Hamnade på en bild av dig och tvärfastnade sen på fin Flickr-sida...

Blev helt lycklig av alla vackra hus, vacker vardag, mat man blir hungrig eller sugen av att se (jag är vego, och det såg ut som du är det också). Helt förälskad, men jag kan inte titta på femhundranånting sidor just nu, får komma tillbaks.

Är du inte undercover-utskickad av nåt turistråd så BORDE du bli det, för aldrig hade jag tänkt på att åka till Ystad innan jag såg dina bilder, för att bara nämna en sak... Och nog för att det kändes som Köpenhamn kunde vara trevligt, men efter att ha sett dina bilder av Thé à la menthe-stället så MÅSTE jag dit, hur det nu ska gå till...


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, tonsilitis is miserable.
I'm feeling a bit better, thank you for your good wishes.

Pia K said...

thanks, julie and poppy q! feeling better now, a week after. hope you continue avoiding nasty colds and flus!

thanks, p.k, i'm sure the slightly obsessive knitting of socks helped with the recovery:)

hallå, pärlbesatt! vilken himla trevlig kommentar, tack! välkommen hit, och visst är jag vego. så klart:)

thanks for well wishes, xtiand!

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