Monday, November 09, 2009

a mouse in the cupboard


Finding a furry little friend in the kitchen cupboard when you reach for your breakfast mug is t h e way to start the day, the week off on the right track. I'm now contemplating a proper name for a very white mouse that looks like a him. A very white him that has a very spongy tummy and an incredibly clever look. Any suggestions? I'm thinking he may look like a Herbert?



P.K said...

A friend of mine named the mouse that lives in her purse Gilbert. Herbert Gilbert?

Ady Grafovna said...

Herbert is a good name. I also like Bernard for him. Or Harold. He definately looks like he has a two syllable name with an r sound at the end of the first syllable. :)

Anonymous said...



Pia K said...

p.k, i do believe i have such a mouse too...;) herbert gilbert does sound rather catchy!

ha, ha, i like it that you really have thought the name style through, ady:)

what, no eek about him, paz, he's such an adorable little fellow!

Anonymous said...

Any idea if your little mouse still has a tag stating the manufacturer on him? Trying to find a twin for my one ;)

Carla, London x

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