Friday, November 06, 2009

when magic yarn turned into socks


When I was a child there was a very popular TV-series on - those were the days when there were only two, yes two, TV channels in Sweden. I'm still pondering if that could possibly have been the good ol' days for real. At least one was spared from the overflow of televised craptastic rubbish - called "Pojken med guldbyxorna" (The Boy with the golden trousers).

Based on a Swedish book about a boy who finds a pair of pants in a storage and then discovers he is able to get an infinite amount of money from the pockets of said trousers. I don't remember how the series ended but I remember it was quite a buzz watching the adventures of that boy. Most of us kids back then probably dreamt about finding such a magic pair of jeans, oh the things we could do with such a pair of amazing trousers...

I have long ago stopped dreaming about that particular kind of magic to happen - the inconvenience of growing older - but I do still nurture my belief in magic and dreams. Often the more down to earth but still not quite graspable magic like the incredible beauty of a snowflake or the whole world reflecting in a single raindrop, sometimes the more outlandish kind. Because what would a life, a world, without magic or dreams be? Simply non acceptable.

At an unconscious - so far - level my love for yarn may well stem from the obvious fact that magic has to be involved in such a thing as knitting. Since if one think about it, how can it be described as anything else than magical that with a single little measly thread and some needles one can accomplish such amazing and intricate creations?

Of course it's even better when the yarn itself is positively brimming with magicalness, the magic yarn did keep its promise of extraordinarity, first it turned out to be quite quite and then some delightful to knit with, then it transformed into magic socks.


The mixed red cuties are for me, myself and I. Oh, I can see great deeds being accomplished wearing these weird and wonderful ones. The dark greenish pair - double thread, therefore not quite as magical but more prudent looking unfortunately - have been made for father's day this weekend. Yes, my views on father's day is the same as mother's day, but M insists on remembering both occasions and really, who am I to deny someone a sprinkle of magic in mostly prudent socks? When the yarn sirens call I can but humbly obey.


Plus knitting~creating for others is one of those win-win situations (love them!);

:: I get to play around with whatever yarn I like without filling an already (admittedly) dash too full wardrobe AND
:: make someone (hopefully) happy with a personal, handmade, moodlifting (hopeful again) creation.

The weekend will find myself busy with creating of more magical socks. I'm in a irresistable, weird and rather wonderful magical yarn and sock knitting buzz.


With wishes of a lovely magical
November weekend
for well deserving souls ~


Anonymous said...

Hejsan! Hittade just din blog och såg lite av dina stickalster så jag undrade om du finns på Ravelry?

P.K said...

Beautiful socks! Magical weekend wishes to you.

Pia K said...

hej, anonym, nej på ravelry finns jag inte. ibland känns det som om det finns för mkt communities, klubbar, grupper osv osv, så man får sålla för att orka vara någotsånär aktiv. men det finns förstås mkt fint där.

thanks, p.k!

Anonymous said...

I love the socks. Where can I find a golden pair of pants? I could use it right now. ;-)


Pia K said...

thanks, paz. if i could find a pair of those golden pants i will let you know. or well, if i find two that is...;)

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