Sunday, November 15, 2009

the snake bowl


My plan for Sunday blog was to finally jot down some random impressions about Gdansk, but for this and that reasons that will not happen. I will however show one of very few things I found irresistable enough to purchase in said place - which on the whole was very non interesting from a shopping point of Pia view. Something I find to be far far from a bad thing really, as the lack of intriguing things to buy is kind both to mind as well as wallet. Not to mention quite relaxing plus leave a lot of room for simple, unpretentious and leisurely exploring of surroundings. How very grown up of me. Clearly I have done a lot of maturing this past year... - the snake bowl.

Not that I exactly needed one. But I fell in lust when I saw it. Handmade goodness bought at bargain price - the kind where I'd actually like to offer to pay more, since I think artists and crafters should be paid a reasonable price for their talent and work. But I don't, since in the end my wallet tells me not to. And I had the good fortune to find the thing, get the offer, I will treasure it a whole lot and yes hopefully the artist in question will be happy and pleased with his/her payment anyway and so forth... - straight from the potter herself.

So on a grey Autumn day on Long Street in Gdansk, snake bowl and me found eachother. I loved its seafoam-on-a-cloudy-day colour, intriguing pattern and overall quirky handmadeness. Bowl was wrapped in a way that left a lot to be desired, handed over to one happy undersigned and remained tucked under my arm street up street down all afternoon. Later it travelled to Sweden and entered the borders unharmed. The debate where exactly it will show itself off best - and remain unharmed from the claws determined furminators and nosy critters - is still ongoing. But as far as I'm concerned it does deserve the very best of places to flaunt its full teal and snakey prettiness ~ ~ ~



Michelle said...

That is a beautiful bowl!

Hawk and Weasel said...

Eeehw, man bara ser hur de kryper omkring ju!

Gud vad fina bilder du tar, det är som en fröjd för ögat!

Pia K said...

thanks, michelle!

ah, men det är en del av charmen ju, hawk and weasel...;) tack snälla för bildkommentaren!

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