Monday, November 23, 2009

november monday musings

Although I would like to write something very inspired about the one recent-ish trip, some highlights of summer past, castles, movies, one of the best cafés I've ever had the pure and uttermost pleasure of visiting, books, food (for thought and otherwise), aprons and bracelets, knits and shawls (although granted there have been a lot of that going on in blog lately...) this post will just be a bit of random rambling. I feel too scatterbrained unfocused for anything else at the moment. Worries and stuff, things not going my way really - not counting the rather pleasing knitting of socks results - can do that. So here goes rambler ~

:: One of the things I find most endearing as well as curious about cats is the fact that so many (at least the domesticated ones) are so so fond of cuddling. Taking every opportunity to get a little one on one quality time, traipsing around purring being all loveable sweetness. Endorphine enhancers making almost all worries and problems melt away. At least for a while.

Yes dogs are adorable, friendly, tail wagging moodlifters also. But they don't purr. And they don't smell as sweet and good as cats. That's just how it is.

This little real life web-movie with Texas traffic officer meeting kitten is just impossible endearing and wonderful - go watch

:: I'm still very annoyed about my dishwasher's top rack and the very less than clean result I get with the crockery and items I put there. Everything should be working and everything should get clean. Yet it isn't. Not on the top rack. I have a sneaking suspicion that the ghost in the fridge has moved to the dishwasher. Annoying to say the least.

:: I was and am chuffed about the response I got to something I mentioned in a recent blog post. And there have been so many other great encounters in the blogosphere. Like someone said, blogland can be truly amazing! On many levels I am so glad I decided to go blog those four plus years ago.

:: I have been twittering-tweeting-whatevering more than I thought I would. In a rather aimless way, but still, sometimes one gets the urge to share something silly or not. Like with blogging and emailing there seem to be some very strange and fussy netiquette going one with Twitter. Some are quite obvious to the reasonably sane person, others I find totally ridiculous and very high schoolish.

Like 'if I follow you you should follow me back and if you don't you are so rude and I don't want to be your follower anymore'. Oh. My. Not goodness. No wonder the world's in such a mess. Grow up. Get a life.

:: That said I got an email from a once upon a time bestest friend recently, asking me to join Facebook so we could chat. Apart from the fact that I have no interest whatsoever in Facebook, never have and probably never will, I find it, to put it mildly, quite quite strange that she doesn't suggest we meet up for a coffee (yes we live in the same city, our mothers happen to still be friends, so it's not like we couldn't if we wanted get together and catch up) or call me (even if I'm an odd phoney I might take that call) to talk instead. Or just plain email me. To suggest 'a meeting' on FB instead seems so outlandish to me.

I admit to adoring emails, I may stay away from phone calls if I can, but I still do prefer real life interaction with people.

:: As for knitting and such (see not a blog post without it these days), I have listed a few newish items in Etsy shop. And more to come. Rather sweet gifts for self or others if I may say so. Some ready to ship, others can be made to order.

:: Someone wise said that the only head that has no worries sits on the shoulders of a scarecrow. Even if some may say the latter epithat applies to undersigned, I like that notion.

:: Listening to Sting's 'If on a winter's night...' I get a comforting feeling there is a winter and snow mysteriously and seriously going on somewhere. If alas not here. I miss not only sun, I do miss snow this time of the year. Winter equals snow on these latitudes. That's just how it should be. If everything was right in this world, of not only mine but ours.


Ady said...

Went to your etsy store. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fairytale shawl. I want it for me. I may go back and buy one after I finish my Christmas shopping. I have to put others first, I suppose.... sigh... I still have to buy for my mother and my kids.

Seriously, the mohair shawl is incredibly delicate and feminine. It is perfect!

Poppy Q said...

I get the same facebook requests, and I haven't joined up either. It is hard enough to find blogging time, and I don't really want to look up people I went to school with.

Pia K said...

so glad you enjoyed the shawls, ady!! thanks for those kind words:) you're so welcome to come back for it one day! it comes in many colours...;) the xmas gifts you bought were very thoughtful and personal, i'm sure they'll be happy with them!

julie, i know, i'm far from keen on that 'going back to highschool' either (but i did have a great time there, still been there done that, doubt we'll have much in common these days...) and what's wrong with just meeting up irl. people seem so afraid of real life contact in these days of internet...

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