Tuesday, March 22, 2011

el naturalista apple green and furry


This will be a shoe post. And a colour post. With elements of loaf.

For long time readers of this blog it's very obvious I adore a certain shoe brand, which ingeniously combine comfort and quirky style. Add to that ecological thinking, recycling and craftmanship. Plus colours galore available. Name of said shoe brand is El Naturalista.

I think I can safely say (with a tad blush) that I'm their no 1 fan in Sweden - just today M said, which is completely untrue, of course, that who needs a webshop when one can turn up at my place to see all their models and different colours. Bah! But I can say as much as I have been lucky in the shoe sales - they're good to my feet. And I always want shoes that are good too feet, not only good looking. Shoes should definitely promote and instigate a lot of walking. But lest not forget, always look good while doing that.

I love the way one can so easily match the mood du jour with a certain model, a certain colour. Red (which is always right, any day), green (when one can't have red, go green is THE thing to do), yellow (happy colour), purple, orange, blue. Bliss.

And then, the mixing of said shoes with great socks, ah I'm in little shoe-sock-colour heaven! Another reason to want spring to really hurry up and arrive for real.

There, a little short background to my love for certain shoes. Which I don't show nearly as much in this blog as me participating in the Shoe Per Diem project. By the way, a shoe blog where more participants are more than welcome...

That said, yesterday, on my grumpy day - today felt in some parts much better, in others frustrating still. Life as it is - , I promised that shoes would turn colour. The colour of green.


Behold the latest member of my own private El Naturalista shoe family; another pair of clogs in my favourite model, the Iggdrasil (Yggdrasil being the name of the Tree of Life in Nordic mythology), apple green, swirl model, online winter sale a few months ago, who could resist. Obviously not me.

Love their apple green hue, love their clogs. I can walk for hours on city pavements as well as in woods and feet are not the least bit tired the day after. Quite the perfect shoes. Which certainly gets even better if your fortunate enough to have a few in different colours. They make my feet happy, thus I'm happy.


Same great outsoles as all shoes and boots in the Iggdrasil model, made of recycled rubber, anatomical insoles made from recycled cork are but a few of their lovely features. This swirl clog model is tad higher on ankle than the other clogs so they would perhaps not fit someone with a higher ankle. Other than that, simply apple green sweetness.

I'm also pleased little loaf totally approved of clog buy. He's a quality conscious little guy. Shoe box fitted him like a throne.


There's a new clog on the block. 
He's swirly, his name is Apple Green.


heidikins said...

love the orange, love the green, and double love the enthusiasm. ;)


Unknown said...

I have to agree that there is nothing like a good pair of shoes.
I believe in comfort over style, but when you want to lift your spirits, there is nothing like a good pair of shoes.
We always chided my grandmother about how many pairs of shoes that were in her posession. Now that she has passed away, I have taken over, her addiction to shoes.

Kea said...

Love, love, LOVE the shoes! :-)

lovelygrey said...

I love this brand too although I'm a black footwear kind of girl. I'm rather attached to the cut out .leather frog that came with my pair. Easily pleased!

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