Monday, March 14, 2011

any questions on stockholm, sweden?


Given recent events I thought it would be a nice thing to have a little post of Q&A. I'm thinking mainly questions about Sweden, Stockholm, Swedish life in general. So if there's something you'd like to know, that may or may not have been written here before, about us Swedes and Sweden, drop a comment in this post and I'll compile the answers later this week.


I used to blog quite a lot about Stockholm and Sweden, I almost wholeheartedly loved it here, then things litle by little changed, the social climate impaired. Thus, sadly I'm less happy and proud of the state of this country, this beautiful city these days. Politicians out of touch with reality, people's attitude towards life, living, working, the dismantling of what has, in many if not all parts, been good about Sweden, building frenzy and the eager demolishing of beauty, in nature as well as architecture, commercialism and economic growth hysteria to mention but some matters that disheartens me. Daily.

Oh I know this isn't a Swedish thing, other countries, perhaps even most countries, go through this now, more than ever before I feel. It's just so obvious we have to stop, listen, think and change. Our way of living, our way of thinking, our way of acting.


But Stockholm is still, in most parts one of the most beautiful (and versatile, accessible) cities I know. Some days, in some places, for some reasons I fall in love with her all over again. So because of that, I'd be happy to answer any reasonable questions on this city, this country of mine. The answers will, needless to say, be my personal view and quite possibly not written in stone, for ever and always.

So, bring on the questions!



Erica said...

As boring as it might be to talk/write/blog about, I am genuinely curious as to what it's like having a Universal Healthcare system, and how it works there in Sweden.

Kea said...

Maybe we should ask what the tax rate is to pay for the health care. I don't mind paying the high taxes here in Canada for our universal medical coverage, it's just that the medical coverage sadly lacks all too often.

A few weeks ago, one the hospitals in the province of British Columbia had to move the donuts and people out of the coffee shop on the main lobby level and move the ER spill over in. Seriously.

That this could happen, in spite of our high tax rate to cover health care, is beyond words.

So I hope Sweden's system is using taxpayers' dollars more efficiently!

pärlbesatt said...

I DO have a question, but it doesn't concern Sweden, it's about where you are currently working. :)

And did you finish the book I recommended? (The Last Samurai). Talking about books and lousy working places, have you read Underjordiska timmar? Delphine de Vigans is the author.

Meryl said...

I'm also interest in how universal heathcare works in Sweden. And how would you characterize the Swedish people in general.

But otherwise, your photos are beautiful in general and these of Stockholm are quite lovely.

I understand your "disenchantment" with your country. I feel the same about the U.S. for the same reasons. It is, perhaps, a universal feeling (?) maybe not always voiced aloud...

I was curious about the authors Steig Larsson and Lindquist (Let Me In) their portrayal of Sweden. They're both pretty you think it's an accurate portrayal?

I was excited to see you're reading
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. I'm always trying to get friends to read it. What do you think of it?

ane said...

I have accually been in Stockholm.
It was a good memory because its a beautiful city.

But im kind of afraid this one train-station were a man (right in front of us) falled in the escalator and started bleeding enormous!! eeww

Uncle Jack said...

Do you like lutefisk?

Anonymous said...


I met this Swedish girl and she's been pretty forward and I'd like to know, are Swedish people just friendlier than other nationalities, or is sex on a second date normal in Sweden? I mean, I know Swedes aren't Catholic so there's none of that nonsense, but still, I'm surprised.

Hey, I know I'm asking you to generalise massively, but I am interested in your opinion.


Eeshie said...


These. Pictures. Are. GORGEOUS! You live in a wonderful, lovely place! Can I go to Sweden?!?

Melanie said...

Hi, My names Melanie. I actually am applying to Sweden to study abroad for a year and the school that they're sending me to (if I get in) is Uppsala University. I was wondering if you'd been to uppsala (since it's somewhat close to Stockholm) and what it's like in general? I live in the U.S., California to be exact. Thanks! :)

Melanie said...
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G.G. Mueller said...

My singing group (Vocal Arts Ensemble) will be touring Scandinavia in June of 2012. Can you give me some idea of where to go/see that is truly indicative of Stockholm?
I am very excited about this tour. My maternal great grandfather came from the Stockholm area and my paternal great grandfather came from Oslo, Norway. So this will be a trip into my past. I want to learn as much as possible.
Thank you for any information.
BTW, I love your blog.

Becky said...

If someone were to come to Sweden for the first time, where is the very first place they should go?

Midnight Shadow said...

I'm very curious to know, how are people reacting to these changes that you are seeing in politics and any other matters that you mentioned. Such changes, and loosing faith in your culture seems to be affecting more and more countries. Some are starting to push against what they don't like, but are the Swedes noticing the same changes that you are? If so, what are they doing about it?

I_sugar said...

I've been to stockholm, Its nice city but a little too cold for me :P

Poppy Q said...

Miss Pia, all of your pictures of Sweden make it look lovely in both winter and summer. We are jealous of your closeness to so many European countries and ablilities to travel to so many other places.

You have traveled a lot - where do most Swedish people like to go on their holidays?

Julie and Poppy Q

stroboscopp blog said...

Well, I was wondering how does it feel to live there? Are you happy? When traveling elsewhere, do you mis coming back? I live in Romania and i wouldn't want to go elsewhere definitively, but now I live in another city than my native one, and overall our country changed and it feels dusty and lacking a good urban design. When i was growing up, i loved the streets I knew, the familiar shops, the parks , the old houses. Now they changed, people are obsessing about profit and do not invest in preserving history or beauty and this upsets us. Old houses are foolishly restored without conserving their traditional looks, and the people who hold the financial power are not educated or cultivated people. Sometimes I miss the summer days of walking the streets to a nice park...

How would you describe your city from this angle, what feeling do you get from it?

dizzyme said...

If you only have a day to show someone what Sweden is all about, where will you take them? What are the must-do's and must-see's for one to say they've experienced Sweden?

le Chef said...

Here in the US we have a knack for tearing down history to make room for the new. We don't have quiet streets that whisper history in our ears or people who have any real ties to heritage and their traditions. Some yes, but usually no.
Does Sweden still have those quiet places to discover? I've been to a few other european countries, and I'm a little dismayed at the current rate of "progress". What you have is timeless and irreplaceable. Do Swedes in general value this, or is it seen as antiquated and unrealistic, do you think?

Sassafrassy said...

I've heard the Finland is one of the happiest places in the world (according to a study that I can't remember the name of or who did it), how do you think Sweden measures up to that? I've always thought Sweden seemed like a great place to visit and anyone I've ever met from there is extremely likeable.

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