Wednesday, March 30, 2011

explosion view amigurumi

february 5, 2011 - a new sheep on the block

On the far too little time I've had lately to be yarn creative I have been concentrating on finishing some woolly project on order. Come warmer weather I'm really looking forward to cotton yarns, taking up fabrics and sewing a bit more (we are not the bestest friends sewing machine and I, no) and the rekindle with jewellery making. Before that, the tying up of woolly yarn ends.

But amidst all this I have been making some more amigurumi, one is a bigger grey thing - which was actually the first amigurumi project I bought a pattern kit for some years ago, but never got aorund to making until now. And after following other patterns and making my own stuff I can safely say that this pattern wasn't very well-written, so I'm glad I didn't begin with that anyway.


I'm also thinking I like my amigurumis smaller than this. I will probably make a friend for this grey thing (can you guess what it is?), because it isn't easy to be a giant among Lilliputians, but other than that, not my cup of tea. And neither are of course the smallest of creatures. I have only come halfway with the assembling, it's quite tricky to get it looking alright and seemingly millions of pieces to get adjusted in the right place, at the right angle.


The other thing is a pink matter (can you guess the specie?), when she's all finished she'll move in with Little Heart Bunny bringing her very own perky psychedelic mushroom. And together they'll have the bestest of tea parties with Princess cakes and semla galore. Happy days will be.


Growing Up Gramma said...

Perhaps with your lamb and piggy you should make yourself an odd duck. Because, and I say this with admiration, you are an odd duck yourself. I'm glad of this, as with out the occasional odd duck there would be no art and beauty in this world.

Felis said...

I think gray is donkey and pink is piggy . This time I guess, because last time when I was saw Flickr first I feel like cheating.

memorials for loved ones said...

It seems to me you're doing well with those amigurumi. This sheep is lovely ;)

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