Thursday, March 31, 2011

post root-filling red treats


Today was finally the day of the long since booked dentist appointment - I would have prefered to go earlier than this, but he broke his leg in a very unfortunate way and have been on sick leave for a couple of months - after a couple of weeks of tooth-ache. What was supposed to have been a simple fixing of a couple of chipped teeth (stress-tension caused too) instead became a root-filling due to inflammation caused by an internal crack due to stress.

I have never ever had any teeth-problems, just the odd simple filling now and then. This past year has really been a rollercoster of worries and stress (which I don't always recognize as that I suppose) and this is such a painful and unfortunate outcome. Just him mentioning root-filling after looking at the x-rays... jeez. And then "you don't need anasthezia, I don't think you'll feel a thing".

Well, I did. I have to say that it was really much less painful than the drilling of a regular tooth-hole, but the lying with my mooth open for an hour with some weird gauntry and the suctions, not being able to swallow or move. Not the nicest of hours spent. The filling is only temporary, I've got anotehr appointment in a couple of weeks, plus another one for those fillings I was supposed to have done today. This will be costly (goodbye tax-refund). Plus I will be needing an acrylic splint. Great. Not.

It would be wrong to say the month of March 2011 ended top-notch.


But after that nuiscance of an ordeal I treated myself to two red things. Most probably not anything I actually need, but at this point I don't really care. They appealed to me, I got them, they are red. And get bobbaloo thumbs up.

A pair of miniature Swedish clogs (for hanging on the wall) and a pair of Dalahorse earrings. Leonard and Jojo were very eager to try those clogs out. Vroom, they might possibly be the bobbaloo equivalent to a sportscar. And looking at their excitment over my red investments (treats) it kind of seemed a tad less of an icky day.



Kea said...

You have my deepest sympathies on your dental appointment. Ugh. And no anesthetic? Was he nuts? LOL.

I'm glad you cheered yourself with the fabulous red clogs and earrings, though!

Pia K said...

thank you, thank you, kea:) well i actually did it without anasthetic, so i kind of feel proud of myself about that (given all the stories one has heard about root-fillings...) too. treats well-deserved! :)

The Elephant's Child said...

What timing. Shortly I am going to have to gird my loins and head off to the dentist. Who fortunately hasn't mentioned the rc word, but does have to gouge out and replace a filling that I and stress have cracked. Love the clogs and earrings you rewarded yourself with.

Felis said...

Bobbaloo are 6, ueu!!!!!!

P.K said...

Sorry to hear about your dental adventures. I can relate.
Has your dentist recommended a night guard? Saves teeth from being ground down to nothing. Hope all goes well with the next appointment.
I am still in amazement that you did that with no anaesthetic! I need medication before I step through the door! Lovely red clogs. Cheers.

Lara said...

I'm sorry about the tooth situation. But those red thingies cheered me up just by seeing them, so I'm sure they cheered you up by having them ^^

ane said...

nice shoes!

Stumbelina said...

I love these little guys. Do you make them? I can't tell from the post, I'm new to your blog.

Pia K said...

hey, how did it go with your dentist, elephant's child? treats are essential at such times!

p.k, the splint i'm talking about is probably what you call a night guard, i have one now, i think it works. touch wood.

felis, haha, and since then they are even more than six, hooray!

thanx, ane!

stumbelina, welcome to my blog:) i wish i could take credit for them, alas i only have an addiction of them, they're made by kit lane on etsy.

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