Sunday, March 20, 2011

proudly presents - kismet and jojo

march 11, 2011 - kismet & jojo in hyacinth land

Having had a Piggy Friday (aka the show and tell of little cute things) the other day, the intention was to introduce these guys later than sooner. But Jojo, who was featured inspecting the snowdrops yesterday, was really upset about being referred to as "a little pig". He's of a delicate Jacabob nature and as much as he loves every little kind, sweet  being, pig or not, he most certainly isn't a pig himself. Thus he wants to make a stand and make that clear. Now.


So, this post is about Jojo and his friend of the nearly-same-kind (being a Jacabunny), Kismet. Apparently the tad different species are commonly referred to as Bobbaloos. Being enthralled into the world of talented needle-felt artist Kit Lane is also to having to learn a new language. Which I certainly don't mind, being a language nerd sadly astray. 

I first spotted her amazing Flickr stream, realized she had an Etsy shop to drool over. T
hen got all pink and green with envy when I saw a fellow blogger having actually managed to snatch up a few little wool fellas. Because they're certainly not easy to come by, one has to stalk guard that shop meticulously.


Then one day same fellow blogger hinted on Twitter - which apparently is good for you, go figure - that there was indeed a little Jacabunny up for adoption. I rushed over to Etsy, there he was, green, four-eared lucky bunny Kismet. It was destiny, he was mine. It might have just been the quickest I'd ever been on the keypad there.

Shortly thereafter a little Jacabob named Jojo made his appearance in shop, terrier brown and pink. Another nimble-fingered movement and he too was soon to be on his way to Sweden. Really, they survived, came alive, with the needle poking, having to travel to Sweden on their own, without company I seriously fear would have scared them for life. 

Kit promptly told me they were on their way over the ocean (from Minnesota) with this note: "
After a hearty breakfast of oatmeal and berries I handed him and his little pal over the the Post Master. I stuck my ear up to the box and heard them singing Irish ditties and reciting heroic poetry...I hope for the sake of the postal service that soon they decide to have a nap."

 february 28, 2011 - kismet & jojo

Only a few days later they landed in my mailbox. I suspect they'd sung and recited all the way here. Even sweeter in real life, they're just so incredibly carefully well made, this was the first snap I got of them.

shoe per diem feb 28, 2011 - kismet & jojo

They immediately made a quick appearance in Shoe Per Diem

kismet & jojo tucked in for their first night in new home (ping @kitlane)

First night in new home,
they got to sleep in the box they came in
with some of my dad's old handkerchiefs as bed linen.

I think it's safe to say these little creatures make me insanely happy. No matter age, no matter gender, no matter personal circumstances, one can't help but going oh and ah over their little needle-felted personalities, with everyone having their own little quirks that make them special, come alive. But even with a spunky, perky attitude I always sense there's an undercurrent of melancholy in the Bobbaloos. I think that with a world in turmoil, when the planet is burning, these little ones can 
give a little peace to a troubled mind, soothe an aching heart, put a smile on face. Such work, such beings count for a lot in my book.

 march 4, 2011 - cake guardians

So far they've been eager little helpers and inspectors, 

first official duty being Princess cake guardians.


Having had a photo session on a sunny coach.





Meeting Malte, the loaf dog extraordinaire. 

Naturally, it was really a terribly exciting meet.
There were secrets told and secrets shared.


Snowdrop inspecting - no we are not pigs


Having a ball in hyacinth land.


Sampling apple buns - just imagine the gorgeousness of smelling something newly baked, delicious, still warm from oven and it being as big as yourself... bliss.

march 18, 2011 - bird feeder inspectors

Snow fell sadly again, after thawing for days, they immediately felt a need to inspect the bird-feeding facilities. Pretty daring stuff, even for a Jacabunny Kismet and a Jacabob Jojo.

After the snowfall and the daring inspecting they came in all eager to tell their little friends of other-kinds about their great adventure. But since then, they've adamantly refused to leave bed. It may be the season, it may be all the hard work.

march 15, 2011 - in bed

There are a few Kit Lane Flickr groups, the one that has brought me most laughter at people's ingenuity and wittiness is the Kit Lane addicts one. Needless to say I'm a member, although I quickly learnt that I have far too few of them Bobbaloos to be a real contender. Although, time will tell. Yes, there are currently two more Bobbaloos on their way, with quite different this-is-how-my-life-began-stories to tell. We are indeed all very excited about this.

Even M, who (perhaps male gene caused, who knows) generally think these kind of matters are rather silly (or so he says) came home with a basket the other day, which he claims would be a most befitting proper bed to be shared by four little needle-felted fellas.

Myself I'm thinking I'd be proud to make them a little magic wool blanket and such. There will be new days with new tasks, more inspecting to be done, more things to guard. Decent sleep and good food are essential. 
Yes indeed, even little Bobbaloo wool adventurers need their proper rest and beauty sleep.



PurestGreen said...

They are just darling! I love all the adventursome photos. Those big eyes - adorable.

lovelygrey said...

Truly mad! I love this post x

Lost Star said...

Heh, great post! They are adorable!

Unknown said...

thanks for reminding me that even though the world is going down in flames, stop and enjoy life, loved reading and seeing your little bobaloos. made me smile,even laughed a little. thanks again for shareing.

julochka said...

i love your bobbaloo story...they are simply magical. i even have a whole pinboard devoted to them on pinterest. :-)

and we have two more that we ordered on their way as well...*sigh.* they really are quite addictive.

Unknown said...

So cute, your new little friends! Very nice entry too. Sometimes a diversion from the everyday stuff of "real life" can be just the right thing. Thanks for sharing a lighthearted story.

John D. said...

very cute. : )

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