Saturday, March 26, 2011

bookworm and cat socks

january 30, 2011 - bookworm and loaf dog

The other day there was a case of snow flakes in the air, but only briefly, definitely not the kind of snow that by any means cover ground. Lots and lots of snow and ice have been melting these past weeks and even if there still is huge piles of snow here and there, fields of snow, icy waters it is so very definitely spring in the air.

And with spring come not only flowers and warmer winds, nature's splendour and brighter days, but such silly moodlifting matters as wearing shoes instead of boots (and hooray, apple green clogs!). Plus,oh the gloriousness, socks and tights instead of woolly leggings, there will be roses, there will be laces, stripes, argyle, colours and perky patterns galore and there will be this.


Me sporting - in a, needless to say, very non-sporty way - bookworm socks. As soon as I spotted them (at fabulous Sock Dreams of course) I knew I had to have them. (Which tend to happen a lot when I browse that site, I'm pretty good at restraining myself though, reasonably so, yes I am.) For reasons as follows;

1) bookworm - oh that's me! (sadly on a involuntary hiatus at the moment, but nevermind that for now...)
2) blue and yellow - Swedish flag
3) sporty look - that's so not me, but I do enjoy the unmistakenly nerdiness that comes with such a silly feature

I would have prefered the socks to have been higher and OTK, but okey, my legs and I have to live with the length.


There will also be cat socks. Because, once again needless to say, a pair of must-have-socks spoke to me in the most desperate of desperate voices. Rodolphe Salis' Chat Noir on a pair of socks, that's simply fabulastic in my world! Welcome, welcome, much awaited sock spring ~


Now, what things are you looking most forward to
 with spring hasting your way?


Kea said...

Those socks are just so funky and fabulous. I especially like the cat ones. A very nice way for you to usher in Spring. :-)

pärlbesatt said...

Ska du inte virka egna, men boktok skrivet på? :)

P.K said...

Fantastic socks! The cat socks are purrfection (sorry).
I look forward to not having to spend time putting on winter armour.

Anonymous said...

LOL! More socks to love!


La Société des Monstres Célèbres said...

What fun! We are lucky enough to live in the SAME NEIGHBORHOOD (sorry for shouting but WE ARE REALLY EXCITED) as the Sock Dreams store. We went there recently and bought some fabtastic socks and met a sock monster and Zaftiq and India who gave us such a warm welcome. Love you blog and we want to be fiends (sic) k?

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