Wednesday, March 02, 2011

in wallpaper lust

i am in wallpaper lust

Ever since I moved in here (10 years come December 2011) I've planned to do a bit of renovating and sprucing up. Outdoors and indoors both.

First of all I'd love to tile the bathroom - because I had the most gorgeous pink tiled bathroom in my previous apartment, which I had adorned with little silver angels, and candle holders and it was such a blissful haven for long bubble baths. I mean, just looking at the pink walls made me all smiley - ,

I'd love to re-paper or paint most every wall with patterns and colours I've chosen - instead of just being okey with the inoffensive though drab wallpapers previous owners put up.

But the lack of money (mostly) and priorities have put a stop to those plans and dreams being more than just that, so far. One day, in a not too far future, I hope that will change. When that happens I would love to have different bright colours in different rooms and wallpaper accent walls in some. I'm thinking flowers, lots of flowers. And birds.

pretty wallpaper!

This pastel old-fashion looking wallpaper is pretty and calming. But I have to say that the top one, the bright yellow one with flowers and birds, butterflies and dragonflies make my heart sing. I swear I did start drooling with wallpaper lust when I spotted it in a department-store window a while back. Incredibly inspiring, beautiful and happy-mood-inducing.

From Swedish wallpaper company Intrade ITG, these Pip-wallpaper-series come in ochre-yellow, bright red, sky blue, pastel pink and white with the most amazing swoony-worthy patterns. I think it's safe to say I am in wallpaper love. And I dream, I plan and wish I had the financial means and a handywo/man to do the wallpapering since I am more of a planning, supervising and painting kind of Pia...


Kea said...

I'm not a fan of wallpaper--not an entire room done, at least, maybe an accent wall. I haven't wallpapered in years. Decades, in fact. It's torture. Sheer hell. Now if someone else does it...But you know what I've been thinking? I need "art" for my walls (plan to repaint this spring, at least part of this townhouse) and I'm keeping my eye out for either wallpaper or fabric (or both!) that really "speaks" to me, thought I could frame it (wallpaper) or stretch it out over a canvas (fabric). I think that's a really neat way to bring favourite patterns into your decorating without going broke!

Propellen said...


Pia K said...

that's a neat idea, kea! and you can create something similar with a piece of fabric on a wall. which may be even easier 8and simpler to fin a fabric that *speaks* to you too).

ain't it just, propellen!

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