Wednesday, March 16, 2011

when in sopot - café jozef k


A comment from someone in Gdansk, Poland - a city I loved from the moment I set my birthday foot there, money and time permitted I would have returned there several times since... - the other day (hi there, so nice that you found your way here!) prompted me to finally write this way overdue post on one of the most amazing cafés I've ever been to. And to which I constantly long back, one might say it perfectly epitomize exactly what a café should be in my book (of cafés) and wouldn't it be lovely if such a place existed nearby here too...

To start from the beginning, this dreamy café is situated in the seaside resort town of Sopot, a quick train ride from Gdansk, and its name is Café Jozef K. Admittedly, the town of Sopot didn't do it for me, seaside resorts somehow rarely do, although I loved the off-season autumn beach and the long wooden pier (Europe's longest). With lots of quirky seagulls and pigeons waiting to be fed.


It was pure chance (or destiny) that we even sat foot in Jozef K, I spotted its café sign when we arrived by train, tucked away near the station, and thought it might possibly be a nice place to have a coffee after a walk around Sopot before we headed back to Gdansk.


My photos just don't do the place justice, but they give an idea. From the outside it looked tad off-season scruffy, but once inside... oh my, love at first sight. Just magical. Filled with ecclectic and whimsical bric-a-bracs and furniture, quirky little details everywhere, sweet nooks and crannies it was just so wholeheartedly captivating.



They had the menu to match, with all sorts of fantastic teas. I had cherry tea and cactus juice, pink and green, my favourite colour combination. We had a slice of scrumptious cake each while sipping our beverages and soaking up the fantastic ambiance.






Even the bathroom, where I unfortunately didn't bring the camera, was beguiling. I could indeed live the rest of my life in a place like that and be perfectly happy with my fate. Only two flaws I could find with Café Jozef K - a) the fake whipped cream that came with the apple pie, when the lovely ice cream would have been enough, b) that it's situated too far away for frequent visits by undersigned.

Ah, Jozef K, I dream of you ~



pärlbesatt said...

Hjälp vad suktad man blir!! Det var verkligen fint, eller i min smak. Fullt av atmosfär, inte ditsprejad.


I love how you take people to your world and how engaging you want them to become by showing gorgeous pictures.

le Chef said...

It is always in the unexpected turns, the unlit, time-worn roads, and the willingness of mind to take that chance that we find the most spectacular of surprises.
Off-season is always my favorite season, and your little cafe leaves me smiling. I know those cafes. Not this one, and I may likely never see it in person, but I know it's sort, and tonight the memory is enough.
Thanks for posting.

P.K said...

My kind of place! Lovely photos.

marco said...

Hej twój blog jest super, ciekawy i interesujący jeśli chcesz zajrzyj na mój:

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love how you Swedes include splashes of color, not worrying about whether it fits into the general color scheme of a room. I wish I were more like that. I'm afraid to deviate from the 3-4 color scheme I have going on in any given room.

Undercover Philosopher said...

i love your photographs, they absorbed the style and left me in wonderlust.

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