Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tuesday thoughts

Today is a day of random thoughts in blog. The kind of thoughts where one is not really enough for a post, but they still nag and need to be put down. Very random, very much so.

:: I got a newsletter updating me on my two adopted orangutangs - you can adopt too, read more about BOS important work here and in Swedish here. This is really a fantastic, caring gift, a gift that keeps on giving, for heart, soul and mind - one made me smile, the other one made me cry. Damn humans, damn palm oil for the heartbreaking orangutang situation.

:: I was so sad to hear the news about polar bear Knut's sudden demise. The movie that captured his last moments in life was really awful, in many ways. I don't approve of keeping animals in captive in zoos and circuses and it's of course a saddening life story from beginning to end. Poor, sweet being. Another casuality of this cruel world.

:: Earlier this week some 12 year olds were skiing in the nothern parts of Sweden and carelessly happened to ski over a hibernating bear's den. Obviously they woke the poor bear who got kind of huffed and retaliated with attacking one of the boys. In a non-life-threatening way. I haven't heard any news since, but just the idea raised of killing the bear (who was in every right of being angry, I would so be too in the situation of kids skiing into by bedroom when I was deep asleep) for such a thing makes me sick. By all means, let's kill everything (who isn't human) who react in a natural way that's not compatible with the human way of life.

A heartbreaking twist to the story is that the mama bear ran after the incident and abandoned (or so it's told) her cubs in the den. They were said to be in such bad condition and instead of being saved were killed. The 12 year boy who was injured had appealed for the bear cubs to be saved, "they're just babies, would we killed human babies if their mother disappeared? Why should human lives be worth more than the bears?". This made me cry even more, both for the bears sake and such well-thought statements from a boy, the latter one of those things that gives hope for mankind.

:: Today I got an offer that I'm really feeling the pressure to accept. Pressure from me included. But since I am of a suspicious mind (nature as well as occupational-injury, which does serve me well many times, others not I guess...) I can't stop analyzing the question marks I got from today's meeting. There are just certain people, certain situations I have lots of trust issues with on a professional level.

But there was loads of good stuff too. And if it is what it's suppose to be it can be really, really, very good. Good for me, good for others, a great example that it's actually possible to turn something utterly crappy like the Swedish labour market politics into something fantastic. Good for me, good for others, it really could be a win-win scenario. But, again, can it possibly be too good to be true... Will have another meeting tomorrow and hopefully get that last piece of the puzzle in order to make a well-informed (as informed as one can be). If I say yes to the offer, I will most probably not be convinced about its authenticity until I get the first proper pay-check, late April. Fingers crossed, dear blogosphere, good vibes my way, pretty please.

:: Got the preliminary decision for the tax refund the other day, it was not fantastic news, but rather pleasing just the same. I may not be able to invest in something fabulastic that's topping my wish-list, but there will be bills paid and I'm thinking there's no such thing as too many shoes... (We all have our weaknesses.) The tax-refund shoes of 2011, here I come.

:: I giggled a lot about a Leonard and Sissi (the fabulous bobbaloos) comment the other day, saying "thank you for introducing me, I'm now waiting for my first Jacabob, he will probably demand friends..." I fear I may have induced a budding addiction of the bobbaloo kind.

:: Loaf dog got a much much much needed bath the other day. He instantly went from the dirtiest scruffy dog in Sweden, to the cleanest, most sweet-scented one. He's a much loved loaf no matter look or smell, but really a little less dog smell makes the world of difference.



Erica said...

A plethora of good job-offer vibes coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, that is a lot to be on your mind for one morning. I think I'd have a headache. Then I'd snoogle that adorable scruffamuffin of a dog! Love him!

Growing Up Gramma said...

Good vibes! Good vibes!! Good vibes!!!

julochka said...

random posts are good for clearing the head.

and bobbaloos are like crack. only cuter. and i don't really know what crack is like, but i hear it's quite addictive.

Halley said...

I love your loaf! He's so sweet looking.

It's so sad about the bear and its cubs. You're totally right.

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