Thursday, March 17, 2011

a little thank you


... for all the lovely comments left recently, I had every intention of writing about something else today, but really, so many comments have made me so very happy, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Plus those great and varied questions about Sweden and Swedish life left in the any questions-post, wow, some are trickier than others to answer and I will certainly have to write not only one but a few posts to be able to answer them reasonably well. I will have to rack my brain on some of the questions, which is always a good thing, I may be learning something myself along the way. I truly love it when blogging becomes a discussion, interaction and dialogue rather than always the blogger going me, me, me.

But today is Thursday - pea soup and pancakes traditionally for dinner in Sweden on a Thursday, sadly I haven't had any today, actually I rarely do, clearly something that needs bettering in my life - and once upon a time I thought it would be nice to have a day per week to show off the clever cats sharing residence with undersigned (since the smart dog has his Tuesdays), clever cat thursday was born.


Although it hasn't been a regular thing, because even if the cats of mine are of the ingenious, nifty kind, any day, every day (soMe says not, but that's just begrudging slander, really) the utter cleverness isn't always caught on camera. And what would a clever cat-post be without photos to prove it? Bah, nothing.


This week's clever cat is Prunella - redspotted, British Shorthair, like all of my cats are. I of course, used to have a more mixed bunch, sadly they've passed away due to old age. All of them having had a special place in my heart - since she came to the most clever of conclusion; spring sprung, one can (being a pampered, plush cat) indeed venture out into the garden again.


There is plenty of sun on face and as always, the loaf dog is perfect company, for any clever cat redhead.

march 3, 2011 - malte & prunella


Charlotte J said...

Very cute cat, cute animals make me happy!!

Kea said...

Lovely photos as always, Pia.

I've been remiss in commenting regularly these past months -- such a crummy winter, with Annie's illness and passing, then my paranoia over Derry. Now that Spring is making an appearance here, I hope to get back into the swing of blog visiting/commenting a bit more. Hard to keep up, though, when you follow hundreds of them! :-)

Levonne said...

I love that last photo! Its high key. I'm just learning about high key. Congrats on being named a blog of note. Much deserved! If you have a moment, check out my A Camp Host's Meanderings blog at

Poppy Q said...

What a sweetie Miss P. You are a great photographer.

Natasha said...

Aaawwww.... This cat is adorable!!! I miss having a cat ((((

Mary H said...

I love your photographs, they are really beautiful.

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