Sunday, February 12, 2012

the february week that was


I think my little helpers did a swell job blogging the other days - since my week have been filled with this;

:: Practical tax-related matters. Writing.

surprise visitor got grapefruit juice - hallo veet

:: A semi-surprise arrival of a little one named Veet - after his long travel he was greeted with a glass of blood orange-grapefruit juice. The next day he got to tag along with friends for a lunch on the town - chanterelle pie -

#vegolunch kantarellpaj (sharing with bobbaloos) at bananza

bobbaloo semla

and a semla. It was an exciting first week for Veet.

:: Writing.

<3 zigne and <3 ztina

:: Keeping an eye on the mischiveous little sisters - when they haven't been guest posting in blog, they're pretty much every where e-x-p-l-o-r-i-n-g. And sleeping in unexpected places.

zigne thinks this is a perfect place to sleep <3 #kattliv

:: Writing. Taking pictures. Writing.

mushroom pasta

:: Cooking and baking under supervision. Writing.

berliner weisse waldmeister

:: Treating myself to a green, green glass of Berliner Weisse Waldmeister. I'm rationing the few bottles we got last summer, this was a rare and lovely treat for a good few days work. Much better than the celebratory glass I had in August...

nth to start the weekend off quite like a pair of new red boots. tjank you @elnaturalistaen #shoeperdiem

:: On Friday I got the first proper, real and tangible payment for Prosit's services and my work. It happened  to coincide with the arrival of a pair of red boots - more of later. (And no, one can't have too many red footgear.)

:: Sleeping. Writing.

filmstaden portvaktsstugan

:: Week was rounded off with film related cultural thing - more of later too - and a waffle with bobbaloos.

filmstaden portvaktsstugan

I hope your week has been a good one,
the weekend lovely and
the week to come even better ~


Angella said...

Nothing as satisfying as your first paycheck. Well...your first "working for yourself" paycheck. Super happy for you and grinned like an idiot this entire post. :)

Elephant's Child said...

That looks like an amazing week. I am so happy for you. And the kittens are just enchanting.

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