Sunday, February 19, 2012

little sunday reds


To round off the red week in blog I give you

A) a red Moomin spatula I originally got as a gift in December, but it turned out to be broken (buhu) and I had to wait to get a new one until now. This one is a better one though, with a feisty Little My instead of a jovial Moomin depicted on spatula. I'm sure it'll help me make grand bakes.


B) a mini-grater from Jo!e - I thought it looked clever and handy for when you just need to grate something small. And it was red.

I'm also thinking that I want to be more like Little My this week - which I certainly can be at times, my parents always thought/think she's very me and I'm not exactly sure it's a good or a bad thing, but I like feisty - and not prevent myself from doing stuff because I feel possibly inadequate for a task - which I'm not, I'm brimming with ideas, passion and competence - or uncomfortable - because I truly hate the phone thing - but most of all because if one (read I) really really very much want something, it's easy to keep on dreaming about it and as long as one has not taken the (semi)final step to get it one hasn't really risked getting a not so favourable answer.

But if one (I) don't take that step I'll get no answer at all, favourable or not, and it will simply be an unproductive status quo. And the only one who is stopping me is the self. And really, what's the worst thing that could happen? It's not as if I'll get punched, fined, arrested or doomed to eat meat for the rest of my life. So get this sorted now, be a proper Little My. This is just serious silliness, unworthy awkwardness.  Just do it. No matter what, I'll be alright. It really will.

Red bonus information of today -

A) I inaugurated the red gore-tex boots, the weather here is now a most unpleasing combo of ice and slush, and they were pretty lovely. And feet were dry. Touch wood. Or gore-tex.

B) When you're a Red Top and you get really really tired of your flat out Sleeping Sister you might as well practise the subtle art of suffocating such a boring sister ~


Happy week to come for all!


Elephant's Child said...

Have a wonderful week.
Thank you for sharing those photos - the Little My spatula made me quite jealous (one of my most favourite characters) and the furs are a delight.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

The catkids are like always gorgeous and wanting to cuddle them. Oh, it is nice to have such great spunky implements in the kitchen. We are so spoiled. I remember my mothers's kitchen. Everything was so utilitarian looking.

Felis said...

I'm small confused, why you are so nervous? You are so talented, charming and assiduous and finally doing what you want. Why phone call worries you? You will be awesome and this is something that will do with hundreds and hundreds clients. Just smile and believe yourself!

As someone with bad english I make my correspondence with emails, is this is this option to you too?

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